30 Day Burpee Challenge

I feel like I have been lagging on the fitness front recently. Apart from my Bootcamp classes and the occasional run I haven’t really been pushing myself, so to get my motivation back I’ve decided to embark on a challenge. Not just any challenge the 30 Day burpee challenge. If you don’t know what burpees watch the video below and you will come to the revelation that they are pure torture! They are a personal trainers favourite as they require no equipment but get great results in minimal time as they work all your body!

30 day burpee challenge

30 day burpee challenge

A burpee is a combination of a squat, push-up and vertical jump but they are the ultimate full body exercise, you work your chest, arms, thighs, and abs and they are one of the best exercises to burn fat, because they are a high intensity cardio move. Plus they are time efficient, convenient and free! No equipment needed, quick to carry out, only one move to master and you only need a little space.

At the moment my burpees aren’t the best so what better way to improve than through practice and repetition. At the moment I can carry them out for 30 seconds to a minute, but not very quickly, so hopefully within a month I’ll be a hell of a lot better! I started this challenge on Monday so today is day 3 for me and already I feel like I am improving! Hopefully my day 3 I will have them mastered, be a bit fitter and see some results!

 30 day burpee challenge info

How do you feel about burpees? Are they torture to you too? Or have you never come across them before? Are you going to join me on this challenge?

Check out Sami’s gorgeous lifestyle blog; That Red Head Said; full of food, life, mental health and beauty.  I love how her blog is honest down to earth, a mix of topics  and regularly updated.


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