Simply Feet| Dr Andrew Weil Rhythm Shoes Review

dr weil trainers review

As a girl who spends half of her time in her gym gear, I am always on the look out for cute new gym gear, so when Simply Feet contacted me about a month ago to ask whether I would be interested in trying their latest running shoes the Dr Andre Weil Rhythm Shoes*, I jumped at the chance!

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I chose the very pretty coral and silver pair as if I’m working out and looking like a hideous sweaty monster then I may as well try and look cute! They arrived very quickly and I was very impressed with them on first impressions. On receiving them I noticed that their insoles are different to others trainers I have, so I looked into the science behind the Dr Weil trainers.

Simply Feet state that “the Dr Andrew Weil Rhythm Shoes restore your feet to their natural alignment. They are Podiatrist-designed, have removable biomechanical orthotic foot-bed, and feature a deep heel cup and arch support that stabilizes, supports and naturally re-aligns the feet. They have a rebound midsole to provide long-lasting cushioning and shock absorption.”

So basically these trainers are super supportive, help ensure your feet are correctly aligned at all times, and help prevent injuries that are caused by improper footwear. When I first tried them on they felt a little weird, as obviously I’m not used to that kind of support in my trainers, they really do cushion your feet so well! I persevered and took them for a spin at my bootcamp class as that it only and hour long, and Simply Feet recommend only wearing these trainers for a few hours for the first few days to allow your feet to adjust to the enhance support.

Everyone complimented me on my new cute trainers when at bootcamp, so that’s always great! When I first started running in them they again felt a little odd, but again it’s because I’m not used to that level of support. After a few sprints across the park I soon became comfortable with my new trainers and have been wearing them regularly since. I really am enjoying the comfort they give me and feel like they give me an extra spring in my step when I’m out running.

Have you ever heard or tried or heard of the Dr Andrew Weil Rhythm Shoe range? Or have you invested in some trainers with extra support for your workouts? Which brand are your favourite?

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