Danio High Protein Yoghurt

If you don’t know by now I am a massive fan of high protein yoghurt, take away my Greek yoghurt and I would struggle to find something to eat or make for dinner. I eat high protein yoghurt at least once a day and it features heavily in recipes I try. My latest high protein yoghurt find is the Danone Danio yoghurts*.

Danio high protein 0 fat strained yoghurt reviewDanio high protein 0% fat strained yoghurt review 2Danio high protein 0% fat strained yoghurt review 3-horzDanio high protein 0% fat strained yoghurt review 5

The Danone Danio yoghurts come in six different flavours; Strawberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, Raspberry. Each is a layer of the fruit topped with extremely thick and creamy Greek style yoghurt. These little pots of yumminess are perfect after workouts or for dessert. They only have around 130 calories in a pot and cram in 13g of protein, which is the same as one egg! They do have a bit of sugar in them, due to the fruit layer in the bottom, but they are a hell of a lot healthier than your usual fatty, calorie laden dessert.

I love the Raspberry flavour the most as it reminds me of cheesecake… that is how thick these yoghurts are! I love that the yoghurts aren’t sharp or tangy, just very mild and yummy! They are on offer in many supermarkets, I managed to get 3 for £2 last week, so you can buy the whole range for only £4! I stocked right up and my fridge is full of them!

Have you tired the Danio yoghurts yet? Which Greek Yoghurts do you recommend and what is your favourite sweet treat or after exercise snack?

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  1. Lisa Goodman

    These look great! I'll definitely be getting some on my next food shop.I really like the Rachel's or Yeo Valley organic fat free yoghurts. I also love The Collective yoghurts if I'm not calorie counting and fancy something a bit more indulgent – their Russian Fudge Flavour is to die for!!Lxhttp://the-sportista.blogspot.co.uk/


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