Burn Fat Fast

Today I am going to share with you are couple of my favourite cardio workouts from Youtube. Both are cardio circuits and only last 10 minutes, but in the ten minutes expect to work very hard, sweat buckets, get your heart beat racing and burn a load of calories. The ten minutes are packed full of exercises that you have to give 110%. That is what circuit training is about, a series of workouts that you only have to complete for a short time, but you have to give it your maximum effort. The chopping and changing between the moves keeps your body guessing and works it harder, so you get result quicker! Who doesn’t want that!

wednesdays workout burn fat fast

I love to cram one of these workouts in in the morning. All you have to do is get up 15 minutes earlier and you can burn upto 100 calories to start the day and get your metabolism racing for the rest of the day so your body burns more calories than it would if you weren’t’ to do your morning workout. If I don’t manage a morning workout then I do two cardio videos in the evening alongside 3-4 ten minute strength workouts. That way I get a solid 1 hour of exercise that  incorporates both cardio and strength in the same session so my body works harder. The first video is one of my ultimate favs as it reminds me very much if the exercises that we do at bootcamp class.

Do you incorporate circuit training in your workouts? How do you do this? From circuits you make yourself or do you take inspiration from Youtube like I do?

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  1. Lucy Riches

    Great post. I love web fitness. It's got a big future ahead if it for sure! As much as I like ten minute workouts I love longer ones which are all put together as i feel like I'd give up after one ten minute workout let alone 3 or 4. That's why I love fitness blenders longer workouts. Have you tried the 1000 calorie workouts they do?Lucyriches.com


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