Park and Pool Holiday Workouts

You will either think I’m mad or will totally relate to me, but I would go mad if I didn’t workout for a while week. So the fact that I am currently on holiday does not stop the fact I will still be working out. I have brought my workout clothes with me, and specially bought some little shorts so I can workout in as little clothes as possible so I don’t over heat. Last year I ran most evenings while on holiday, this year I am running in the morning before the sun has chance to heat up and also partaking in some circuits in my apartment and have been attempting the below pool workouts.

wednesday workout holiday workouts

You may not have the slightest interest in working out while on holiday but even just half an hour a day will make all the difference and can ensure you leave your holiday looking as fab as when you first went! Surely you would rather not waste all the effort you put into making sure you look good in your bikini by lying on your bum for 8 hours a day for the whole week and losing all your tone and putting the weight you lost back on! After all we want to look good all year round not just for two weeks of the year!

So enough of my rating/ motivational speech and onto the workouts. Below are a couple of workouts you can do in the comfort of your pool while on holiday. Surely the perfect place! No over heating, and no need to take trainers with you on holiday! Some of the moves look a little weird but some surprising work you hard because they are so tricky. I have also added a video from my trainer made for outdoor fitness, showing you what you can do with a simple park. Many countries now have outdoor gyms or parks so head there and take inspiration from his video below.

Do you have the intention of working out while on holiday? Do you take your trainers with you? Do you workout in the pool? How do you stay on track while on holiday?

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