Maxitone Sculptress Diet Review

Maxitone sculptress diet review
I have had my eye on Maxitone Sculptress for a number of years but always hesitated at buying it. However the other month it was on Groupon for half the price so I impulse bought it at about 11 o clock at night.
It arrived a few days later and after giving it a thourough read I was disappointed to find it was a meal replacement product; I had thought it was more of a protein supplement product. However after paying good money for it I thought I would read upon on the “Sculptress diet”, give it a good go and review it for you all.
So the diet works the same as a Slimfast one would, you have your shakes and bars to replace two meals a day then eat one healthy dinner. Maxitone claim that their shakes are healthier than the usual meal replacement products because they are made up of 1 third protein. However it is quite alarming to read the ingredient list on both the powder and shake, especially for a girl such as me who was eating pretty much green and clean before hand.
I would have a bar for breakfast… yes a chocolate bar, then a shake for lunch, a healthy snack at 3ish to prep me for my workout then a healthy dinner. I was suprised to find that the bars are incredibly filling! So much so that a few times I had to nibble on it as couldn’t manage it all in one go. The shakes go down very quickly but are again filling.
I was on the sculptress diet for 3 weeks and stuck to it pretty much all the time, apart from the weekend when I would eat regularly but within a decent calorie count. As I don’t weight myself I can’t tell you if I lost any weight, but I do think it helped slim down my stomach and reduce bloating. However after 3 weeks I found I was craving normal food and missed my two ingredient pancakes at breakfast loads. However I can see why this diet is appealing to people as it is very convenient. For those who are super busy and don’t know how to cook healthy then you only have to find the time to cook one meal a day, the rest is convenient food, just grab and go. So for me the Maxitone Scupltress diet is very much like weight loss for dummies, if you don’t want to educated yourself on nutrition then go on the diet. However I bet if you went back to your old eating habits the weight would come back on.
I wouldn’t ever embark on the Maxitone Sculptress diet again however I have seen on a few fitness and health blogs that the protein shake powder can be used to make pancakes, protein bars and even cupcakes! So I may invest another bottle of the Maxitone Protein Powder and try a few recipes.
Have you ever tried the Maxitone Sculptress Diet? Or perhaps as different meal replacement diet? Do you use the Maxitone Protein Powder of other products?
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  1. Monta Rosa

    Interesting review, good to see some honesty in relation to these products and I agree with your comment that people will go back to normal eating and regain the weight. Personally I take my protein from food rather than drinks and eat a balanced healthy diet to lose/maintain weight. I went to bootcamp once and all these women where being pushed into drinks and bar's and I'm pretty sure everyone went back to good old fashioned (hopefully) healthy food 🙂


  2. Adele

    Great review! I would never use a food substitute though.Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo


  3. Fatso

    I've never tried Maxitone, but I did try Tony Ferguson. Same idea – two meal replacements a day and a normal, Paleo-style meal at dinnertime. It works if you can A) afford it and B) stick with it! But the ingredients list is, as you've said, kind of terrifying.Thing is, I'd go back on Tony Ferguson in a heartbeat if I could afford it, because it worked so well for me, and I felt like I was hardly hungry once I got used to it.Ah well. Do tell us how the pancakes go if you decide to make them! 🙂


  4. Someone Critique

    I'm a lifelong heavy lifter and this supplement fills every last nutritional hole I can think of, and then some. Gives digestive support, and full of natural energy. Throw in some protein and my stack is complete. And I definitely feel when this supplement isn't there too, because everything suffers. Strength, recovery, stamina, all of it. Especially recovery.preworkout


  5. Kim

    I really enjoyed how honest you were about the shakes and that you compared it to how you ate clean before. I definitely think that’s a far more valuable way of approaching fat loss and is far more sustainable 🙂

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