Desk time Snacking From Dole Live Right

I was contacted by Dole and asked whether I would like to try some of their new Dole Live Right desk snacking range of goodies. As a girl who spends most of her life behind a desk and is always trying to avoid the office box of chocolates that seem to appear form no where I jumped at this opportunity.

Dole healthy desk snacks010009012

Upon receiving the goodies I was pleased to see that they came in handy pouches and bars so I can just throw them in my work bag or desk draw and open them as and when I needed a nibble. I was pleased to see that they are all 100% natural with only fruit nuts and seeds being the ingredients.  I received a wide range of the goodies, which come in 4 different forms but in a wide variety of flavours.  They are sweet in flavour but crunchy and filling, thanks to being crammed full of protein. To begin with I was a little weary of the sugar and carb content, however after speaking to my personal trainer I was pleased to hear that if I ate them at the right time of the day, so as and afternoon snack or ideally after a workout then they are fine as it is natural sugar.

This range is very yummy, very healthy and perfect for work day afternoon snacks. Plus with prices starting from only £1.49 they are very affordable! A new favourite of mine!

Have you tried of heard of the Dole Live Right Desk Snacking Range? What snacks do you grab at 3/4 in the afternoon when your sweet tooth kicks in?

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