The Difference Between Good and Bad Carbs

Carbs are a funny little thing aren’t they. So much confusion over one element of our diets. I have been asked a multitude of times “ What carbs should I eat and which one’s should  I not” “Should I not eat carbs at all?” etc. So thought it was about time I did a blog post to help with all the confusion I see. Now I’m not a nutritionist so can’t offer expert advice, but I found the above images helpful and think that they summarize the difference between good and bad carbs in a clear and concise way



Personally on a typical day I try to avoid simple carbs, my biggest issue is with bread. As much as I love it, it really doesn’t agree with me as it makes me bloat so much. You will never find a loaf of bread in my kitchen unless it has been bought for a special occasion. I know many people who don’t eat carbs at all because they find it difficult to digest, so they don’t eat any bread, pasta, rice, or wheat.
The above images also explain why many adopt a carb free diet when they want to drop weight quickly because carbs are more difficult to digest. Carbohydrate foods are also higher in calories because they are our biggest source of energy. So if you stop eating carbs you will automatically reduce the number of calories you eat unless you replace them all with protein, which is lower in calories. Carbohydrate-free diets are very restrictive, so ideally you should instead just chose your carbs wisely. Replace refined white grains with healthier choices such as brown rice and whole wheat bread.
How do you feel about carbs? Are they something you avoid? Do they confuse you?
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