Bums and Tums

As you all probably know by now, I am off on holiday in 9 days time! It was booked last minute, but lucky for me I have been working on my “bikini body” for the past 6 months so no need to stress and panic diet, just continue what I’m doing and perhaps increase the intensity a little. So this past week and in the week to come I have been getting up in the morning and cramming in a short cardio workout to get my metabolism up and working hard all day, then doing at least a solid hour of toning exercises and interval training in the evening in my living rooms seems my bootcamp trainer is on holiday… I know, what’s a girl to do!
workout wednesdays abs and bum workout
So as I have been busy watching countless YouTube workout videos I have found two that really stick out for me and made me really ache the next day… and aching is great as I know my body worked hard and is changing. So below is one of my favourite ab workouts and bum workouts.
If you go and check out my YouTube channel I have compiled a load of playlists full of my favourite workouts for cardio, legs, abs, arms etc. So there really is no excuse not to work-out from home when I have done all the leg work and found the best workouts for you and put them all into one easy place!
Go check out Christina’s gorgeous blog Kimi and Me for fashion, lifestyle and all things pretty.


  1. Angela

    Thanks for sharing! I always look for workout videos on youtube too. I love "8 minute abs"Would appreciate if you checked out my blog!notanobession.blogspot.com


  2. rebekah.

    You are working so hard, it's amazing! I'm planning a holiday in September so I'm embarking on a more intense regime now and I'll definitely be checking your playlists and getting myself some sore muscles and a rockin' butt! xx


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