Deborah Milano Lipstick Review

Deborah Milano is a new brand to me. I first came across them on Twitter when they were asking for bloggers to review their lipsticks, and being the massive lipstick addict that I am I jumped at the chance.

My lipstick arrived very speedily along with a few extra samples of their foundation range, which was very kind of them. I received the Shine Creator Lipstick* in shade 8 which on their website and in person is  a bright raspberry pink when in the tube

Deborah Milano no8 lipstick067078leighton denny lipstick swatchDeborah MilanoLipstick Review

. However the colour hasn’t come out well in the pictures above and it doesn’t come out so bright on my lips. Deborah Milano say that this lipstick is a light-weight, luminous lipstick that combines the shine of lip gloss with the comfort of lipstick and the moisturizing properties of lip balm.

I first tried to swatch my lipstick but it didn’t come out very well on my hand because of the moisturizing pigments in it. However when applying it to my lips I was impressed  It glides on with ease and is rather glossy. It took a couple of coats to get the colour on the pictures above so its not the most pigmented lipstick I’ve tried, however it is pretty good. I definitely agree that it is a 3 in 1 lipstick as it is glossy, adds colour to your lips and is moisturizing.

Deborah Milano is the number one selling lipstick in Italy and Italians always look gorgeous  so they must be doing something right. I like to wear this shade at the office or during the day because its not so bright and more of a natural look than some of my other more matte and bold colours. Overall I was impressed and would recommend them for day to day wear if you want something that is glossy and natural looking.

Have you ever tried the Deborah Milano range of lipsticks before? Is it a brand that you recommend?


  1. HELen

    I've never heard of this make but I really like the colour. For someone who doesn't wear lipstick too often I reckon this is one I'd like to try. Especially with it having lip balm qualities. Great review as always!HELenpierrelecat


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