Tough Toning Workouts

So as of last Friday, summer is officially here! How does that make you feel? I feel excited and motivated. I bought my first bikini on Sunday and am ordering a few others now I know what size I am! I also ordered a load of holiday clothes which this year are 3 sizes smaller than last years clothes… happy dance! Even though I am feeling happy after trying on my bikini there are a few areas I want to tone up over the next three weeks before I do jet off on holiday. These are my thighs, bum and lower abs. So for the next three weeks I am going to share with you my favourite and toughest workouts that target these three areas.

wednesday workout tough toning workouts

Many, myself included have been left disappointed this week after Lucy Mecklenburgh revealed she is now charging for her workouts on her Results With Lucy website. For those who were disappointed,  I just want to highlight that you don’t need to splash the cash on workouts when there are so many amazing free workout videos on YouTube. I admit there are a million videos on YouTube that are rubbish, whish is why I watch a load of them to find the best one’s out there so that you don’t waste your time on the rubbish ones. So if you want to have access to the best free workouts then subscribe to my YouTube and watch the Wednesday’s Workout Playlist, you won’t regret it!

An example of my recommended daily workout is 30 minutes cardio…. get out there and run… make the most of the sun! Then come home, get your yoga mat out and do two toning workouts. Concentrate on one area a day or two. I tend to pick one 15/20 min workout for my abs, then one 15/20 min workout for my legs and bum. I completed the bottom two on Monday night after a 30 minute run. Overall I did a 1 hour workout, burnt 520 calories and worked my muscles hard… I was definitely aching the next day!

Have you tried the workouts above? What areas are you concentrating on at the moment?

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