Leighton Denny Miracle Mist and Drops| Quick Drying Products for Nails

As much as I love Nail varnish I am shocking at applying it. I have my own unique way which resembles me slapping it on, trying my best to wait until it dries, gets bored and smudges it, so just paints over the bits that are smudged… so bad I know! So when I was contacted and asked whether I would like to try the Leighton Deny Duo Set I jumped at the chance… any product that claims to dry my nails instantly is a must try for me!

Leighton Deny Nail Drying Micacle Mist and miracle dropsLeighton Deny Nail Drying Miracle Mistleighton deny nail drying miracle drops So I was pleased to find that I was sent to separate nail drying products to try, my review of both are below;

Leighton Denny Miracle Mist*
What they say;Miracle Mist is 2012 Beauty Insider’s Choice. A handy way to dry nails quickly, anytime and place; Leighton Denny Miracle Mist speed-drying spray for nail polish is non-sticky mist in a convenient aerosol format that radically speeds up polish drying time. This luxurious mist also conditions cuticles as well as drying fast.”
What I say; “ I struggled with this one at first, and must of not applied it correctly as my nails didn’t dry instantly but were left a little sticky. However upon second application it worked better. I wouldn’t say it dried them instantly 100% but it definitely sped up the process. The best thing about the mist is that it is not messy in the slightest. Just spray and go.
Leighton Denny Miracle Drops*
What they say; “Speed drying at its best. Life’s too short to put on hold while waiting for nail polish to dry. I developed MIRACLE DROPS to speed up drying time so polish dries in double quick time. Touch dry in seconds. also helps stop smudging, while adding lustre to both nails and cuticles.”
What I say; I think this is my favourite of the two products. I suppose it is a bit more messy than the mist in that the drops are a little greasy if you put on too much. However if you get the dosage right so that it just covers the nail and doesn’t over flow then you don’t get the extra greasiness. The drops really do work! My nails dry in an instant! I gave them a “heavy duty” test and found that if you were to apply a lot of pressure, then they do smudge slightly. However this is only when you really press down on the nail varnish and push it. However for me the product is perfect! No more unsightly nails because I can’t be bothered to wait until they are completely dry.
Have you ever tried an instant nail polish drying product? Have you tried any of the Leighton Denny products before?
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  1. Laura Hyatt

    I’ve wanted to get the mircale mist for so long, seeing as I do so many manicure monday posts! I’ve been seeing it everywhere but just never actually gone and got it. Again sounds really good from your review. Maybe I should just go for it! 🙂 xxxhttp://www.heroineinheels.com/


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