Two Ingredient Pancakes

Welcome to my latest feature on my blog, and for those of you who enjoy my blog because of its health and fitness side you are in luck because as the title suggest Monday Meals are going to focus around diet, nutrition, planning meals, and recipes.
I decided to start this feature as I have a number of recipes stored up and they don’t quite fit with the title Fitness Friday so decided my diet needed its own special posts. I am hoping that this feature will also encourage me to eat better and learn to cook. I admit I have my fitness pretty much spot on now, it’s my diet that lets me down as I am a massive food lover; if I want a Dominos will just order one, if I want a cake I’ll make one… It isn’t until I’ve eaten every last morsel that I think… I shouldn’t of eaten that. I’m not saying that I won’t be eating cake or Dominos anymore, I’m just trying to make sure that these things become treats and aren’t part of my everyday diet.

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So onto my first recipe; Two Ingredient Pancakes. I admit this recipe is not mine, it is one that I have seen flying around on the Internet, however it is one that I have wanted to try. I used to hate breakfast and never used to eat it, however after changing my lifestyle breakfast is a firm favourite of mine… Especially since discovering healthy pancakes that I can eat without feeling guilty every morning.
So two ingredient pancakes consist of eggs and banana…yes it sounds weird but I assure you, you cannot taste the egg. They just taste like banana pancakes. These pancakes are the poor mans option when it comes to healthy breakfast pancakes… You don’t have to fork out money for protein powder or quinoa.
One banana and one egg will make two pancakes which equals one breakfast. Simply, mush up the banana stir in the egg until kind of smooth and thick. Heat up your frying pan and cook until ready, flipping when needed. I top mine with either Nutella and fruit or Greek yoghurt and fruit. The magic with pancakes is that topping combinations are endless.
I made a batch of 6 so that I had 3 breakfasts, however I am yet to find an ideal way to store and reheat them without them going a little soggy. I had been wrapping them in tinfoil, storing them in the fridge then microwaving them, but think they may be better toasted. If anyone has any suggestions on how to reheat them please leave a comment.
Nutritional contents for two pancakes- 168 calories, 27g carbs, 5g fat, 7g protein
Have you ever tried two ingredient pancakes? What’s your favourite healthy breakfast? Or favourite pancake recipe?
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  1. HELen

    These sound awesome!! I am RUBBISH when it comes to breakfast (even though I know how important it is) but these sound worth getting up early for! I bet I could totally surprise the Mr with my new 'cooking' skills too.. Definitely won't say no to an extra brownie point or two. Thanks so much for sharing!HELenpierrelecat


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