Tone your arms

How is your week going? My week started yesterday seems it was a Bank Holiday and it started with a bang! I am attempting a modified version of the Tone It Up Seven Day Slim Down to kick start my diet seems it was lacking last week and Bootcamp last night was a killer! Like have to stand to the side for a minute to gasp air into my lungs killer… but no pain no gain! I may not be the fastest in the class but I kept going. I would love to get a Polar HRM Watch so I could  see how many calories I’m burning… maybe on payday!

fitness friday tone your arms 2-vert-horz

Anyway, this weeks workout is going to concentrate on an areas many young girls ignore, their arms. However did you know that your arms are the easiest part of your body to tone up. If you try lifting some dumbbells, holding the plank or doing some push ups for a good 15 minutes a couple times of week you will notice a difference.

Now I understand that many of you do not want muscly arms, but you won’t… women aren’t built so that they bulk up. Women’s bodies tone up before you bulk then up. If you tone your arms, you will be less susceptible to bingo wings when you are older, and your arms will be lean and no longer look fatter in your side on photos… if you know what I mean.

As your arms are one of the easiest parts to tone up you will see results very quickly which is a great motivator! My arms have toned up loads from doing regular toning exercise and it’s great to see muscle there instead of fat. My arms now have shape to them.

If you want to tone your arms then dumbbells are a great investment. You can buy them form anywhere now.. I think I’ve even bought some from Tesco before. If you don’t have dumbbells get inventive and use tins of beans, or water bottles filled with pebbles or sand. However you do not need equipment to tone your arms. I have included two videos in today’s post one that you don’t need equipment for and one that you need equipment for. Both are only about 7 mins long, but you don’t need long to feel the burn in your arms!

Do you want to tone up your arms? Which exercises do you use to tone your arms?

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