Come on Sunshine| Nails Inc Springtime Shades

Where has spring gone? Normally May is such a reliable month, but this May it poured down on my birthday and I’ve barely seen the sun! In protest of the none existent springtime up here in  Cumbria I decided to try out my newest Nails Inc collection that my gorgeous friend bought me for my birthday… she knows me so well!

Nails Inc Springnail ince spring coloursNails inc Ebury bridge westferry cricus holly bush vale summer place york streetNails inc spring colours 6

As it was a collection of 5 I thought it was best to swatch each one onto each of my fingers so I could show you them all at the same time. At first I was going to remove the multi-coloured look I had going on before I went to work the next day however I decided to keep it on and embrace the colourful look….it’s a good job I had no meetings the next day. It’s not the most professional nail art I have worn but it was definitely the brightest and definitely made me smile everytime I looked down at my keyboard and saw my nails. I embraced the look for a few days until someone said that it reminded them of the circus and clowns. Upon mentioning clowns, that was all I could think about whenever I looked at my nails, which isn’t great for a person with clown phobia!
I do love the look, but don’t think I will be wearing them all at once again. My favourite’s out of the bunch are York Street and Westferry Circus, mainly as they are two shades that I don’t have already. The others I have a number of nails varnishes that are of about the same shade.
Have you ever worn colourful nails to make your day a little more cheerful? Which of the above shades is your favourite? Which Nails Inc shades would you recommend  me to try next?

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