Tone It Up Malibu Booty

Happy Hump day girls, what better excuse to work on your own humps? You can see from above that even Ryan Gosling knows the importance of working on your butt! I’m sure he loves a girl who squats! I’m working mine hard this month and am currently on day 13 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge. The squats are getting a little easier but my legs and bum ache all the time! I’ve taken a few extra rest days to compensate as don’t want to completely seize up and not be able to do any exercise…. worst nightmare!

Tone it up malibu booty workout squat

*Images from Tumblr
As well as the 30 day squat challenge I have done the below workout for my booty from the gorgeous Tone It Up Girls. This one is probably one of my favourite work outs from Tone It Up as the moves as simple to master so getting your form spot on it simple, but they work you hard! I am yet to do it all the way  through without taking a little rest. There are a lot of different moves that work the different muscles in your upper legs and booty to help lift and sculpt you butt so it looks like one of those gorgeous one above. The aim is to do the 8 minute long routine 3 time through to get a great workout but if you are finding it too tough just do it once of twice. It’s better to build up to something than to overdo it and cause yourself an injury.
I plan on doing this workout today even though it is my Birthday, so if I can wake up early and cram it in then you can definitely give it ago for at least 8 minutes! Let me know how you get on and if you enjoy it?


  1. StargazyEyes

    I LOVE that there is a Hump Day! I'm very into squats, I have a largish posterior so squats keep me nicely toned.Anyway I think I need to head to the gym after reading this you're putting me to shame with this challenge, keep up the good work :-)Sharon x


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