Inner Thigh Workout Challenge, Thigh Gap Musings

It’s the first of May! Which means that a new month presents the chance for a new start. If April wasn’t the month for you, lets own it in May! This month I am working hard on my diet, aiming to attend all 13 of my bootcamp classes, partaking in the Tone It Up Bikini Series and completing both the 30 Day Squat and Abs challenges.

Anyways onto this weeks workout! This week is another challenge video brought to you by the ever so cheerful Casey Ho from Blogilates. Similar to the Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge I posted about the other week, this video requires you to complete one move in various forms for around 3 minutes. The video targets the inner thigh which I know may of you like to know how to tone, so here’s a video to show you how.

As the video targets the inner thigh, this obviously brings up the subject of the thigh gap. If you are unsure of what a thigh gap is, it is a small, hollow cavity with a huge following on social media. Basically if you can stand straight with your knees together and see a space between your upper thighs, you have what thousands of young girls are willing to starve themselves for.

Now I’m unsure as to whether this elusive goal is something that people of my age (mid twenties) aim for or whether it is just a teenage fascination. But the  picture above demonstrates perfectly that a thigh gap is only achievable for around half of the population; those with wide hips.

Now unfortunately I do not have a measurement on how to know whether you have wide or narrow hips, but I know that personally a thigh gap is not something I aim for. Yes I want to tone my inner thighs.  But I know that when I was at my lowest weight I never had a thigh gap.

To be honest I was never aware of this obsession with thigh gaps until I joined tumblr and found hundreds of pictures of waif like girls with gaps between their thighs and the sheer obsession and longing for this gap by other girls. Many of the images are of girls who have clearly starved themselves to reach this thigh gap goal, which is sad. If you Google thigh gap it is synonymous with eating disorders which shows that it’s not a healthy aim for many.

Obviously a thigh gap can be achieved by some through healthy eating and exercise, so if you naturally have a thigh gap or have gained it through a healthy lifestyle then great. As always it goes back to my personal beliefs that girls should aim to be strong and toned not skinny and waif like.

Please do enjoy the video I posted above, but please also remember that a thigh gap may be an unrealistic goal for you. Listen and learn about your own body, do not aim for a body that someone else has. You can only ever be the best version of yourself, not someone else. If you naturally have a thigh gap, then good for you, if you have a thigh gap from healthy eating and exercise  then good for you, if you don’t have a thigh gap, then good for you. The thigh gap is attainable by some, but not a realistic goal for everyone. You can only do your best to tone the area, so play the video and lets get some toned thighs.

What are your health and fitness goals for May? Write them down and make yourself accountable  Let me know if you enjoy the video, or if you have any thoughts on the nations obsession with the thigh gap?


  1. Lucyy Writes

    This was intriguing to read actually. I'm going to disagree with the info-graphic here, since I have a small thigh gap and I'm not at all wide boned. It's not something anyone should long for, it's not exactly the end of the world but we live in a world who seem to criticise everyone's body shape, size and weight regardless of someone being 'fat' or super 'skinny'. Which I can imagine someone 'skinny' will find the naked comment offensive (especially since it was only about bone structure in the graphic), just like calling someone 'fat' an eyesore naked? As long as you have confidence you should feel and look great whatever size, shape and build and if you want a 'gap' find the right exercise.Lucy at Lucyy Writes


  2. Cat @ OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

    That's interesting to know. I didn't mean to offend yourself or anyone, so apologies if you are. But my personal beliefs are that healthy=happy. If you eat well and exercise then you will be happier than someone who starves themselves for the same result. To me toned bodies that are created through diet and exercise are more attractive than those who that are all skin and bones. But that's through my life experiences and eyes. Others think differently which I understand and appreciate. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. All I ever want is for my readers to be healthy and happy and not to put pressure on themselves. Living a healthy lifestyle benefits everyone, no matter what shape or size you are.


  3. Alice

    Oh god I hate the thigh gap obsession! Thank goodness you've pointed out that it's a GENETIC thing- yes, being toned may help, but I hate the current fixation on it. That said, toned thighs aren't exactly a bad thing!! xx


  4. Jayne Becca

    I think the best way is to be the best version of you! Never compare yourself to others but of course look to others for inspiration. I aim to be toned and the best version of ME that I can be! Healthy and happy 🙂 I need to try more of Cassie's videos but I find her a bit overwhelming at times, haha! xx


  5. Shen

    Great post hun! It's a weird thing, so many girls aim for it. I don't like my inner thighs cos there is fat there. If the fat went and left a thigh gap i would be happy, if it didn't i would still be happy cos I just want the fat gone. As it's going away though and looking at the muscle on my legs I think a thigh gap may be a possibility for me. My outer thighs and tops of my thighs are beasts, just a bloody bit of fat in the middle. Turn to muscle or piss off!xxx


  6. Stevie

    I have a thigh gap and I never knew it was a big deal. I like it and all but its my natural body shape, I'd never starve for it! So weird what people obsess over.


  7. Chrissy Johansen

    This is a really interesting post! I must admit I have wider hips but I can't for the life of me get that leg gap! I just have rather chunky thighs, sigh!I’m SO tempted to get a glossybox, though I must admit I agree with you on the packaging of the last product, its definitely not something I would reach for.Lovely blog you have here by the way – Now following! Hoping to see more of these sorts of posts, love learning something new!I’m having a MAC lipstick giveaway over at my blog – you fancy checking it out!Toodles x


  8. baileycakes

    I know so many girls who starve themselves for a thigh gap but are left with horrible, un toned legs. Luckily for me (a triangle is like my fitness holy grail) I have super wide set hips yay. Only just found your blog Cat and I love it 🙂 xo


  9. swellfloweringcultivation

    I had NEVER heard about it and I must say: FINALLY an advantage to wide hips… seriously you don't even know how much I've cursed them to this day :)(especially when a friend of mine tried on pants in an extra small last week… and they fitted her perfectly 😮 so unfair, I am thin, but my wide hips force me into choosing a large… and this causes that the lower part of the pants is way to big for my legs… also levi's bold curve (thought I found a sollution but again: nothing).I've always had the thigh gap, don't even have to do anything for it.May has obviously passed a long time ago :p but my goals for july is to have determination for keeping on the path I started (eating more fruits + vegetables, less meat, no candy/potato chips if possible AND working out :))


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