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You may have noticed a few new faces on my blog this month; over there in my side bar or their little faces on the bottom on my posts, yes I have started to offer sponsorship. I decided to start offering sponsor spots on my blog after receiving a bit of demand, and I am so glad I have. It feels great to share the love every single day and be able to share some amazing blogs with you all. I only offer 4 spots each month so that I can give each sponsor a special week full of attention. If you are interested in a spot for May check out my Advertising Page.

For my first month of sponsorship I could not have wished for a more wonderful bunch of girls. I am honoured that they chose my blog to advertise on. Below you can find out more about the beauties on my side bar.

Gym bags and glad rags

Hi, I’m Cantara. I’m on a mission to improve my body, my sense of style & my skills with a make up brush. I’ll be blogging about my progress on shaping up and slimming down, tips & tricks on how to live a healthy lifestyle, recipes, workouts, meal plans, as well as OOTD’s, new buys and beauty loves. Join me if you want to get fitter, look stylish & be beautified too! 🙂




Hello Cotton-


AD250x250 (1)

Hi! I’m Natalia and Natalia Beauty Blog is my creative outlet where I combine my love of writing and beauty. I’ve always loved sharing reviews of my favourite beauty products and have recently got a lot more interested in fashion too, I love writing up the posts and photographing the clothes. I’m also very interested fitness as you’ll be able to see on my Tumblr, but I intend on doing lots more fitness-related posts on my blog soon soon as it’s become a big part of my life. Last but not least I am a bit of a literature nut, so don’t be surprised to see a good old review of the latest book I’ve been reading! I really hope you stop by say hello, and maybe even stay for my and my blog’s journey.xx


Twitter: @nataliabeauty_

Instagram: @nataliabeauty_




Hi! I’m Anna, im in my 20’s (just!) and i live in a cottage in the beautiful but damp Cumbrian countryside with my husband and our two dogs, Disgy & Elsa. On The Dressing Table evolved from a long-running love affair with all things beauty.

My first love was high-end cosmetics and over the years i have built up my knowledge and collection as well as training to be a professional make up artist, and in October last year i decided to write a blog to share some of things i have picked up along the way.

I am always on the look out for a good, affordable dupes of my high end favourites so i feature products from a range of budgets.

On my blog you will find a mix of honest product reviews, both good and bad, hauls, make-up and hair tutorials and a bit of general life stuff as and when things happen that i think you might be interested in! One of my other loves is photography so i am slightly obsessed with Instagram – on there you will see a mix of beauty-related pictures along with the gorgeous scenery i am lucky enough to be surrounded by, as well as my two pups who i think you will agree are pretty cute!

I love to have a chat on Twitter too so feel free to pop over and say hi or ask me any questions.


Twitter- @OTDTblog





” Hi everyone, I’m Vicki and my blog is A Life of Geekery.

I started my blog a little over 6 months ago to give me some focus whilst I battled through some tough health problems. Things haven’t been easy but it’s been a massive help to be able to escape in to my own little blogging world whenever I like. I write about food, gadgets, lifestyle and general day to day happenings.

My favourite things about blogging are the lovely comments I get from my readers and when people send me photos of the yummy food they’ve whipped up from my recipes- I’ll never stop getting excited about that! You’ll find me on twitter most of the time so if you have any questions or just want to say hello I’m @vickihigham.”





Be sure to give them all a read, I guarantee that you won’t regret it. They cover a wide range of topics between them so you’ll definitely find a blog you love! Let me know which one’s you love, or if one is already your favourite!


I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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