Overcoming Set Backs & Negativity

motivation step backs

If I am honest with you I was a little unsure as to what to write about this week, but it wasn’t until the top image came up on my tumblr dashboard that inspiration struck me. I hadn’t seen it before and came across it at a time when I was feeling low about my weight loss health gain journey.

motivation weightmotivation jillian

It reads “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. When life is dragging you back, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming.”

This quote can be applied to any tough or difficult time in your life and I wish that I had heard it sooner for times of difficulty in my life, but if by sharing it I can motivate and encourage some of you then atleast it’s helping someone!

For the past few weeks I have been feeling a little down about my healthy lifestyle journey. A few weekends ago I measured my body for the first time in three months. I was feeling great about myself and my body and wanted to confirm that I was actually making progress and it wasn’t all in my head. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and I was upset to find out that I had only lost a couple of inches off my entire body in three months! I was so mortified! How could this be, I eat healthy, I workout often and for the 4 month prior to this I lost 19 inches… how can I have lost only a couple in 3 months! I spent a good day or so upset, demotivated and beating myself up about it and it wasn’t until I found the image above that I gave myself a little talking to.

Just because I had a set back does not mean I have gone completely off course. I need to remember how far I have come and remember how far I have to go. As you all know the less body fat you have the harder it is to lose it. So yes, last year my body will have lost inches fairly quickly because I had a lot of fat to lose, but this year it has less to lose so it’s going to take twice as much effort to lose it. I need to refocus and keep aiming for my goal. As long as I am focused I will achieve it! So I am changing my workout routine .. less relying on running, more toning and HIIT, and I have to be stricter with my diet. My body was clearly becoming used to the routine it was in and was not burning as many calories as it used to, so it’s time to shock it and put it through it’s paces again so that it remains a lean, mean fat burning machine!

So remember if you have a set back, it is not the end of the world! It may feel like it but I swear it’s not! Hard work and perseverance will ALWAYS pay off! Remain focused and keep aiming for your goal! 


250advertalifeofgeekeryDon’t forget to check out my blogger of the week Vicki and her amazing lifestyle blog A Life Of Geekery, full of food, crafts, beauty and life. Her photos are truly gorgeous and I love her recipes!

*Images above are from tumblr*


  1. Rhiannon Owen

    Don't get disheartened my lovely! I've had a similar problem – I wanted to drop my body fat from 25 to 15% between January and May so that I looked super awesome when my boyf got back from a deployment but I don't seem to have made any progress at all and I've worked so hard to try and achieve it!Sometimes things just take a little longer than we think I guess :)Love that quote though, it's such a great thing to think of when you're having a bit of a set-back with anything!Rhiannon xxTHE BARBELLE


  2. Natalie

    That's such a good goal Rhiannon! I'm just trying to get mine from 22% to 21% and its hard!! Apparently it's really difficult for women to get below 21%… This is an awesome post Cat – I hadn't heard that little nugget of wisdom either but it's brilliant 🙂 you're doing great!! Definitely doing to right thing to try and switch it up a bit if you feel like you're plateauing which is totally natural 🙂 well done!Natalie xoxoTheBlondeEthos.blogspot.co.uk


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