HIIT the Beach| High Intensity Interval Training

How are your workout’s going girls? Are you still doing the 30 Day Abs Challenge? I am on day 4, a little behind, but still going strong! I’m getting the hang of mountain climbers and looking forward to trying next weeks moves. I find that each day gets easier so hope to see some inches lost soon!

workout wednesday hiit

Anyways on to this weeks workout. This week I am sharing with you one of my favourite workout videos from the Tone It Up girls. If you haven’t heard of Tone It Up before you need to go and check it out! It is a site run by two gorgeous girls that is a fun and motivating fitness community. They post regular workouts, recipes and challenges to get involved in, along with the added motivation of giveaways! Yesterday marked the start of their 3rd Annual Bikini Series, which is a 8 week challenge to get bikini ready. I’m all signed up for it and am currently looking through my Free Bikini Starter Pack.

The workout below is not from the Bikini Series but is still a great one! It demonstrates a number of moves for you to carry out for atleast 30 seconds to gain a High Intensity Interval workout. I wanted to share this workout as it is also very similar to the workouts I have be doing at my bootcamp class, so can tell you that they work you very hard! At bootcamp we work in pairs, one does one of the moves while the other runs a certain distance marked out by our trainer and runs back to the partner, which then releases them from the exercise move. You then swap! So the time you spend completing the interval move depends on how quick your partner runs… it makes it a bit more fun and interactive! If you don’t fancy getting out in the park and doing this, just complete each of the moves for 30-60 seconds and repeat as many times as you can! Aim for atleast 2 circuits!

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best ways to burn fat quickly! So what are you waiting for, get going! Let me know what you think of the workout and if you give it a try! Also if you have any request for workouts that target specific areas I will do my best to find my favourite and share them with you!

250advertalifeofgeekeryDon’t forget to check out my blogger of the week Vicki and her amazing lifestyle blog A Life Of Geekery, full of food, crafts, beauty and life. Her photos are truly gorgeous and I love her recipes!


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