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I realised the other day that it has been a long time since I’ve wrote an outfit related post so decided I would write one this week dedicated to a mini personal triumph. As you all know, I have lost a lot of weight over the past 9 months and am still losing it, so I am currently in a position whereby a lot of my clothes don’t fit! I went through a phase where I was super happy I was able to fit into clothes in my wardrobe that had previously been too tight, however even my old skinny clothes are starting to become loose, so I have flogged most of my old wardrobe and have been purchasing a few new items to make do until I reach the body that I want!

OOTD new look jumper-horzOOTD jumper close up

As I am only buying clothes while I am in between overweight Cat and perfect body Cat I don’t want to spend a load of money on clothes that in the next few months won’t fit so Primark and New Look have been my best friends. It is New Look who this post is dedicated to. Ever since I have lost weight I have obviously been feeling more confident in my body and have wanted to see what I look like in jeans. Jeans were previously a big no no for me. I always thought they were uncomfortable and unflattering for my curvy bum and short, stocky legs. However since I have a much smaller bum and more shapely legs I have been on the search for a flattering pair of jeans, and New Look had the answer.

A few weeks ago I was amazed to find that I could fit into a size 14 jeans!! I know sizes shouldn’t matter, but for a girl who not so long ago was buying a size 18, I was shocked to find that the 14 was very comfortable. The jeans are a high-waisted, skinny leg cut, so flattering for us short girls, and the denim is super soft making them very stretchy and comfortable. The best thing about the jeans is that they are only £22… a bargain! Plus they come in black, dark blue and burgundy. So come pay day I will be buying them in the other two colours.

As I am new to the world of jeans, I figured I also needed a new t-shirt to wear with my jeans so went for the t-shirt that I’m wearing underneath the blue jumper. It was priced at £8 (i think) and came in a variety of cute prints. I also impulse bought the jumper which was only £10. It’ was super soft, stretchy and perfect for spring as it’s quite thin. Overall I walked out of New Look a very, very happy girl and am now in love with my new jeans.

Have you been buying your spring wardrobe yet? How do you rate the jeans form New Look? Are there any other jeans from high street stores that you recommend for us short girls?

natalia beauty blog

Don’t forget to check out my blogger of the week Natalia from Natalia’s Beauty Blog. She is a beautiful girl has the most gorgeous OOTD posts, writes great reviews and also blogs health and fitness… which I know you all love!


  1. Lux

    Love the combination, looks really good 🙂 These jeans look great on you :)I'm short too, so I know what pain it is to find affordable jeans that would suit me and I wouldn't have to shorten them or something. Try looking in Bershka, they usually have a great range any many different colors to choose from and their jeans actually fit short people. I always buy mine there or in Stradivarius 🙂Lovely Little Lux-uries


  2. Shen

    You look fab! I'm majorly between 8s and 10s at the moment. 8s require some shimmying and 10s make me look like one of those lads that show their boxers off.Congrats on dropping 2 jean sizes! Amazing progress!Next do petite leg length and they are ok price and good quality.xx


  3. Dot (Claire)

    You look amazing lady! Love the t-shirt print you are wearing underneath, I'll be keeping an eye out for that.I've been through exactly the same thing. I went from a size 18-20 to a size 14-16 from pure stress (not the best way to do it) and my wardrobe was awful because my clothes were all so baggy. I then had to buy an almost completely new wardrobe so cheaper priced items and stores were a godsend. xx


  4. Gymbags Gladrags

    The detail on the t-shirt under the jumper is really lovely and you look great in those jeans!! Check out your small waist and shapely hips, beautifully curvaceous! You really should buy the jeans in the other colours and never be afraid to wear jeans again. I'm excited for the day that I can feel comfortable in shorts. The day we reach our 'perfect bodies' is approaching lovely :)C x | gymbagsandgladrags.com


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