Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge

After Easter weekend I’m sure many of you over indulged and are not feeling the best this week. So what better time to kick start your health and fitness regime in time for summer.

If you read my last Fitness Friday post you will know that there are less than 10 weeks until June, so I am currently following (loosely) the Drop 10 Fitness challenge and it’s really helping with my diet and improving my tone and definition, so I would definitely recommend it.
Squat Booty Challenge Before After

This weeks Wednesday’s Workout that I recommend is a little less intense than the Ab ripper X but lots of fun. I can’t help but giggle when I first start this one, but the smile soon fades after I feel the burn.

There has been a lot of emphasis on squats recently as everyone is after that perfect booty. This workout is perfect if you want to work your bum hard and achieve a more toned and peachy bum, but also good for raising your heart beat and burning some calories.

The workout below is a squat and plié challenge to Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe. You will tone your bum, burn calories and can have a little sing along at the same time. It starts out manageable but as the squats continue you will feel the burn. The challenge is to finish the entire workout!

Let me know if you give it ago. The song is only 3.13 minute long so there is no excuse not to.

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  1. Individual.Emotion

    This workout looks good..I will give it a try. Actually I do Blogilates Workouts everyday..and it burns soo much…I am aching everyday but it looks and feels so good to do it. My body was never that toned before 🙂


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