Easter Weekend and a new home

photo (39)Moving houseBed makingBedteaegg

With the sun shining, the none existent snow and blue skies you would think that spring had arrived here in the Lake District. Technically it has but the fact that I am still wearing my penguin mittens and bobble hat everyday makes the long spring afternoons feel a million miles away. Fingers crossed that April brings us temperatures above 2c!

I’ve had a very busy few days as this weekend was moving in day for me. Finally my boyfriend Matt has landed himself a job on the better side of the country (sorry you Eastern readers) and after nine long months of a long distance relationship we will finally be living in the same place. To make me even happier we have the most gorgeous apartment in town with spectacular views over the river.

So far so good with the moving in process; we even managed to construct a bed together with no arguments! Although our own bed which he constructed without my supervision did collapse at 6 in the morning with us both on it, so one minor mishap! We had our first visitors yesterday and our second lot today, I think our location makes us very popular for those wanting to visit the lakes… how convenient of us! We currently don’t have all the furniture we need so expect a lot of interior design inspired posts coming up. I may even film a flat tour once everything is out of boxes and looks a bit more like home.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend with your family and treat yourself to some chocolate eggs! What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Alice

    Congratulations on the move! It looks lovely- and it seems to get lots of light which can only be a good thing! So pleased for you and your boyfriend- long distance is rubbish- so here's to happy times ahead for you! xx


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