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With all this freezing cold weather we’ve been having I’m sure a few of you have been thinking and planning your summer holidays. As amazing as summer is, girls seem to spend forever getting our bodies ready for it, and one of those preparations is hair removal. We all have it and we all want to get rid of it. Thankfully there are many different ways to rid ourselves of it, but which method is your favoured option? I am a massive softy so can only ever manage shaving or waxing, but after speaking to my friends and family it seems that many of them are considering laser hair removal. In fact a few of them have already tried it, my mum being one of them.

She had been considering laser hair removal for some time and decided to have the treatment in the run up to her wedding day. Like many she was unaware that laser hair removal is process and for the treatment to work there needs to be a series of sessions. This is because the laser that destroys the hair’s root causing it to fall out does not have immediate effect. The laser weakens the hair root and it falls out over time. This tends to happen after around 5-6 sessions, so it can be a costly process,

A large proportion of my friends get their eyebrows threaded and judging by my twitter it seems that this is the favoured hair removal technique amongst beauty bloggers. However I also see many statuses amount how painful it is and after seeing girls in the middle of Fenwicks and Debenhams crying with pain I don’t know if this would ever be an option for me.

What I want to know is if you have ever tried laser hair removal or threading? I am intrigued by them both but want to know if it really is as painful as I hear. Are they more or less painful than waxing?

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  1. rebekah.

    I get my eyebrows threaded and I love it! It does hurt but I find it less painful than waxing them, on the whole, though it does take a bit longer to get them done I find. I also think it helps slow the hair growth; I last got mine done in the first week of January and only now do I feel the need to go back and get them done. I go to Shavata at House of Fraser which is a bit pricey at £17 a pop but I think it's worth it! Just ask me if you'd like to know anything else! (@fenners1804 on Twitter!)I've never ever waxed anywhere else as I am a super wimp but I feel like I should for bikini line etc but my friends have told me horror stories about it! xx


  2. Shen

    I get HD brows which involves threading and i don't think it hurts. I'd recommened HD brows, mine always look amazing when it's done.I would so consider laser hair removal if I could afford. Under my arms and bikini line.xx


  3. Natalia

    I can't believe people were crying over threading! I thread my own upper lip and it's definitely no where near as painful as getting a leg wax. I really want laser hair removal so much, it's just about the money! My dad said he saw a contraption in Boots that allegedly removes hair permanently for around £80, I'm definitely going to look into it xx


  4. antina zhelcheska

    I have tried both waxing and threading of the eyebrows..but let me tell you this, if you want to be hair free for the longest period of time i will recommend threading as when i got my eyebrows waxed my hair grew back in a week!!!!! ridiculous right? but with threading it takes a good 2-3 weeks so the pain is worth it. The painfulness of a wax/threading treatment all depends on the thickness of your hair really.I have black coarse hair so you can imagine the yanking involved :PI would recommend you trying both as the pain is different for everyone and if you really cant bare the pain use numbing cream 😉


  5. Dannielle Reeves

    I have been though hell the last few months with my eyebrows with trying to grow them back. Well about a month ago I had them waxed and the lady totally messed them up tjey were totally to diffrent shapes and I was missing part of my eyw brow on the tight side closest to my nose. Well I am so upset about them to the point I have developed some agoraphobia and body image. I have been growing them back out for a month and now there getting to the point were they need to be groomed but I am svared to have anyone touch them do to messing them up. I habe tryed both waxing amd threading but dont know whay would be best for my situration at this point any suggestions?


  6. Marry Zoya

    Unlike waxing and shaving which generally cause pigmentations and rashes, laser hair removal is safe and hygienic technique. It is the best technique for permanent hair removal. Before laser hair removal the hard and dull hairs are trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface and after that you have to undergone seven or eight sessions for permanent hair removal.Therapy laser hair removal Dublin


  7. David Snydar

    More and more women choose to try laser hair removal procedures, these days. It's not a bad idea if you read and ask questions regarding this. Personally, I don't have a strong opinion about this subject, because I didn't try it, but everything has a start, right? skin rejuvenation.Thank you so much for the article… very useful!


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