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You may have seen me on Twitter talking about how I am now offering advertisement on my blog, or even noticed the little advertising page underneath my bio on the right hand side.

I know there is a bit of controversy about bloggers offering advertisement on their blogs, but to be honest I see no problem in making a little bit of money from something that we all put our heart, souls, time and effort into. I decided to offer advertising after receiving a number of emails asking if they could advertise one my blog, so if the demand is there I thought why not!

I am however only offering 4 advert spots a month as I don’t want my blog to be over cluttered, and personally I never look at all the adverts on other peoples blogs, so I want to make sure that your money is not wasted and that everyone will check out your blog or shop. The fewer adverts, the more likely that someone will check yours out! I want to make sure your advert is worth the money and it won’t get lost amongst 20 other adverts on the same page. Plus is means I can give each of my sponsors a separate weeks worth of love and attention!

If you are interested in advertising on my blog, please check out my advertising page. For this month only I am offer 50% off, so it will only cost you £4! There are only 3 spots left, so be sure to let me know.

What are your opinions about advertising on blogs? Is it something you offer, or have thought about? Or do you regularly advertise on other peoples blogs? I would love to know your thoughts!

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