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With little more than a week to go I’m sure those with partners are busy wracking their heads for ideas on what to do for Valentine’s Day. I have been with my boyfriend for five years and I still end up over thinking about what to buy him, or how to spend the day. It is one of those holidays where although the aim is to show your loved one’s that you care, it is difficult to demonstrate your love, and figure out how to make the day extra special. I know that just spending the day with your partner should be enough, but it is nice to go that extra mile to make Valentine’s unforgettable. So for those who struggle for ideas I have put together a few homemade and inexpensive ideas along with the help of Pippa Middleton and her book Celebrate.

Dine In

There is no need to folk out for expensive set menus in busy restaurants and hotels when making dinner at home can be just as special. I don’t cook at all, so at Valentine’s I make the effort to design and make a three or four course dinner for my boyfriend. Try and pick foods which you can share, my favourite is chocolate fondant with strawberries and marshmallows! Make it extra special by making your own menu, decorate the table, fill the room with candles and create a soft. romantic playlist full of your and your partners favourite songs.

Cute Cards

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be just for those with partners, share the love with all those that are special in your life by delivering homemade cards. Knowing that you have put in the extra effort to make a card will really brighten up someone’s day.

Picture Perfect

An inexpensive and thoughtful gift is that of a photograph. Create an album or scrapbook with your favourite pictures of you and your partner. Annotate it with your favourite moments from your time together; your first date, the moment you fell in love etc. It doesn’t have to be an album, how about picking your favourite picture of you and your partner, printing it out and putting it in a cute frame. This works great for those in long distance relationships; you can print out a picture of yourself for your partner to put on their bedside table.

A Hundred Reasons Why

For those on a budget look no further. Find an old glass jar (Asda sell them for £2), some ribbon and a sheet of paper. Cut your paper into one hundred pieces and on each one write a reason why you love/fell in love with your partner. Fill the jar woth the hundred reasons and tie some ribbon around it. The perfect sentimental present for very little money.

I Owe You

Sometimes the best present is quality time. Take 20 pieces of card and write an IOU on each of them, tell your partner they can cash one in each week so you are guaranteed some quality alone time together. IOU’s can be as sweet or as saucy as you want, some ideas would be; massages, breakfast in bed, dinner at your favourite restaurant, a bath together etc.

You’re My Sweetheart

Shop bought sweets or chocolates can be great but how about making your own. It is relativity simple and cheap to make your own cupcakes, popcakes, gingerbread hearts or chocolate truffles and they are so much more impressive than shop bought ones.

A Year of Dates

Again a gift of time. Fill twelve envelopes with twelve notes detailing twelve different dates. At the beginning of each month give your partner the envelope detailing the pre-planned date. To make it extra special write a poem that hints as what the date will be so they can spend some time speculating what you have planned for them. Some ideas; Dinner for two, A couples massage, Night at the movies, A picnic on the beach, A bubble bath and foot massage, Tickets for a concert or sporting event.

A Perfect Place

On a map of your town, mark all the places that hold happy memories of you and your partner. Mark out your first date, first kiss, favourite view, favourite place for breakfast etc. Use hearts to circle your special places. You can easily print out maps from Google and can even frame the finished product, or leave it unfinished so you can continue to mark it together.

Remember Me

Similar to “A Hundred Reasons Why”, but instead your partner will fill the jar themselves. Either sew or cut out a number of hearts and plant them around your house and amongst your partner’s belongings, places such as; their suitcase, work bag, coat pocket, gym bag, shoes, underneath their aftershave, anywhere an everywhere! Then give them a jar wrapped in ribbon with a tag stating “Remember, I love you.” The aim is that everytime your partner finds a heart they will think of you and smile, they then return the heart to the jar after they have found it.

I hope you have something special planned for Valentine’s day, and if you haven’t that my list has helped you. Let me know which one is your favourite and what you like to do for your partner on Valentine’s day to make it extra special!


  1. Jamie Gibbs

    I think for this Valentine's Day I'll cook my signature dish (read: the only dish I've learned to cook with any degree of success!) – Somerset chicken. It's so very very bad for you; chicken with skin, cider, cream, the works. But it's ultimate indulgence and I think it'll make for a nice romantic treat :)Jamie @ The Zombie Fitness Blog


  2. Callie Rose

    It's my little boys bday on valentines so I'll be spending the day with him, then the night with my boyfriend. We're just having a dinner and movie night in as getting a babysitter is hard on vday! I think I'll give the cake making a go. I love decorating them! Lovely post 🙂


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