Fifty Facts and a Catch Up

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So it is finally the end of January… what a long month! Pay day was yesterday and I’m already itching to spend it after a month of having very little money. I never learn! It seems that January is everyone’s least favourite month, and although it’s not my favourite I don’t hate it. I think January is a great time to focus on yourself and enjoy life’s little luxuries. I mean the majority of people don’t have any money and we have all set ourselves New Year Resolutions, so why not get cracking on improving yourself than dwelling on the end of the holidays.

I have had a quiet month on the home front but a very hectic one for work. This month I got to go on my first ever business trip and although it was only to the Birmingham NEC it was great to get out of the office and talking and networking with everyone else in my industry.

So this month has been great for my career and also for my blog. I have already completed one of my New Year Resolutions which was to film a You Tube video. I was so scared and nervous about it, but after getting such an amazing response from all you lovely people I have gone ahead and made my second video, which you can see above. The second one was so much easier to make than my first one, I felt more at ease when recording it and am happy to hear that my accent has toned down and is a bit more natural now! So to anyone thinking about dipping their toes into the YouTube world my advice is to do it! Yes it is scary but you will never know how it goes until you do it!

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How has your January been? How have you been working on your New Years Resolutions?


  1. Jo

    Love your video, really enjoyed listening to all your facts. I also can't drive, live in dresses and never wear jeans, and completley agree that animals are way better than most humans! Oh and your comment about thinking everywhere is 'south' made me chuckle, so true! There is basically Cumbria, then the south, the midlands does not exist! haha. Jo x


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