Soap & Glory Archery Review| My First YouTube Video

photo (22)facehfacj

So this post both excites me and terrifies me! This contains my first YouTube video… you can actually see me and hear me and Oh My God do I actually sounds like that! So yeah! The video is a review if you hadn’t guessed by the title of this post. It is a review of another Soap and Glory product, the Archery Brow Tint and Precision pencil*.

Soap and Glory say;

“Distinctly “no-brow”? (Or could do with a fullness boost?) Brush-on-brows and fill in any gaps with the all-day, long-wearing precision-point stain, then use the crayon to give your brows the perfect shape.”

I say;

“ I love this product! I admit I don’t have many to compare it too as am fairly new to the whole looking after your eyebrows thing. However I wouldn’t purchase any other brow pencils now as this one works wonders. It really gives great definition and it lasts all day! What more could you possibly want.”

I decided to do a video on this product as I don’t think the photos you can see above do the product any justification at all. I do have quite thick eyebrows in the first place but I thought a video would be able to show you how to use the product and the results it actually gives. I will apologise for the quality of the video, I don’t think  my lighting was too great and at times it goes a little out of focus, but it is my first video so please be kind!

I hope you enjoyed my first YouTube Video. Please let me know what you think, and leave me any tips if you have any! Have you ever tried this eyebrow pencil before? Are there any others on the market that you think could rival this one?

P.S. Apparently I don’t actually sound like that, and I am in fact using my posh telephone voice… I will work on toning this down in my next video.


  1. Gemma Bullock

    Well done on your first video hun 🙂 it was really good, so you shouldn't have been worrying! That soap and glory product works amazingly, really tempted to try it out now 🙂 lovely post & video! Xxxx


  2. Cat0805

    Yeah Thankyou!! Haha I was worried, still am a little may get some horrible trolls… you never know with YouTube do you :DIt is a great product, I love it so much… as you can probably tell 😀


  3. Laura Hyatt

    Congrats on your first youtube video! You sound so lovely! I think its great to see the really person behind the blog :)Hope you do so more- definatly like the product too, looks so good on you :)xxx


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