Snow Day| A Winter Walk

landscape scenematt adn dogsmatt dogsCat and georgematt and i snow

So if you haven’t noticed…. I’m pretty sure you have seems you have eyes and everyone keeps going on about it… it snowed!! I love snow! Loads! I turn to an infant state of mind as soon as the first snow flake lands on the ground. However I have been sulking over the past couple of days as you southerners have been steeling all the snow! We haven’t seen any over the past couple of days in the Lake District. The snow you can see in the pictures above is the remnants of the snow we had at the beginning of the week. So we don’t have lots of fresh powder, just a lot of icy crunchy snow; still enough to take pretty pictures and to go sledging.

Matt and I went for a nice long walk with my two daft dogs this morning. The dogs love it! They spent most of the time rolling around in it, eating it and chasing snowballs or kids that were sledging. As I mentioned it was very icy, so much so that Matt managed to slip and fall down a hill which was very funny.. not to him, but for me it was.

I’m hoping that it will snow some more tonight then we can go sledging tomorrow! So I will be sleeping with my fingers crossed and one eye peeping out the window waiting on that first snowflake!

I hope you made the most of the snow, if you were lucky enough to get some. Has anyone gone sledging or made some snowmen over the past couple of days?


  1. Angela

    So jealous 🙂 ALl we have had in Manchester is a few flurries and only a tiny bit stuck on the grass and cars. Like you I love it too, so I jump up every hour or so and check outside in the hopes we have had a downfall of epic proportions that I may have missed! Angela xLet me know if you want to follow each other. I am having a give away in the next two weeks too x


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