My First Ever MAC Lipstick| MAC Sweetie

029-horz034MAC sweetie swatches

If you read my blog regularly you will know that I have never before owned a MAC product… that is until now! I have tried MAC products, but never really had the desire or funds to spurge on MAC, but thought I might as well try a product to see what the hype it about. To be honest whenever I have ventured into MAC it has always been too busy and chaotic and I’ve found some of the staff to put a bit off putting and unhelpful, so I always walked away empty handed.

Despite all this when I did my sale shopping I thought why not buy a lipstick seems I am loving my lipsticks at the moment, plus they do some amazing shades! So I spent about an hour comparing lipstick swatches online to see which one I should buy, and decided that since I was splurging £14 on a lipstick that I would pick a shade that I would use quite regularly so I went for a more subtle shade than the bold ones I have been buying recently.

I was not disappointed with my MAC lipstick, it has such a creamy consistency and applies like a dream even when I have dry lips. It lasts for a good few hours… not as long as I had hoped but the pigmentation is great so for the hours that it does last it looks amazing. Because it is so pigmented you don’t have to apply too many layers so I image it is going to last me quite a while which makes me feel better about the £14 I spent. This lipstick has a shimmer to it unlike all the others I have bought, I’m still unsure as to whether I like the shimmer as I normally stick to matte shades. I was not disappointed with my MAC lipstick but I do like other brands just as much. The main selling point for me is the wide range colours that MAC have… there are so many more that I want!

What do you think of MAC lipsticks, are they worth the money and hype? Which shade is your favourite and would recommend for my next purchase?


  1. Catrine

    This looks fab on u. I am a huge mac fan… Some are nicer than others and I think most people tend to lean towards a particular finish. Once u find ur preferences tho there will be no stopping u! Hehe! Xxx


  2. Sharon L

    Nice first choice for a MAC lippie, not a colour I've tried before; it looks so pretty on you!My go to shade from MAC is usually Rebel (or Ruby Woo when I'm feeling brave) but I might have to seek this one out and give it a go :-)Sharon x


  3. Katy

    That's so pretty on you! A bit like yourself, I've used Mac products before but I've never used a lipstick before, this one seems really subtle though… I might have to give it a try x


  4. Gemma Bullock

    This is such a gorgeous colour 🙂 I haven't heard of it either, looks amaaaaazing on you! I recently got my first mac lipstick too! So good though 🙂 amazing quality; you have an amazing blog 🙂 keep up the good work! Xxx


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