Presents for myself| A Sales Haul


So again this post is late compared to all you other organised bloggers, but I’m going to do it anyways as I wanted to share with you what I bought myself this Christmas. I say that they are presents because my Christmas money went towards them, and a lot of it is actually stuff that was on my Christmas list but Santa forgot to bring me… not that I’m complaining as it’s always nice to treat yourself. I say treat myself, more like spoil… my bank balance is not looking great and it is mainly down to this haul and too much champagne over the Christmas period!

Anyways onto my buys. I did not venture onto the busy high-street to buy the above… there is no way you would find me fighting other people in queue to get into a shop the day after Christmas… no I am not one of those crazies that you see on the news. I am in fact a smug shopper who purchased all of the above without breaking a sweat and from the comfort of my office. Before I go on to my buys I have a little confession… the majority of what I bought was not in the sales… whoops! But everything I bought I have been lusting after for some time, so that’s my justification!

Stylist Pick provided me with the Luz Black Metal Detail Wedge which are perfect for work… even if they are a little higher than I imaged. These were my sale buy with the biggest discount with nearly 50% off, full price £38 sale price £20.

Asos did have a pretty good sale in which I bought more items for work, the Arrow and Stud Detail Waist Belt and Black and Gold Pumps, again both had around 50% off. The belt I bought a size smaller than what I normally would seems I’ve lost some weight, but it’s still a little tight so I won’t be wearing it till next month I image.

Debenhams was where I splurged and bought everything I have been lusting after for some time. I bought my first EVER Mac lipstick…yes you heard me right. You can expect a review on it very soon, along with multiple reviews on the rest of the gorgeous beauty buys I got from Debenhams. I bought Urban Decays Naked Palette 2 so I now have both… yeah! The Benefit set was the only product with a little money off, not much but enough to justify buying it. I had wanted to buy the Primer but thought I’d be better to buy a smaller version to see it I liked it first before I splashed the cash, so thought this set was perfect.

Many of you will recognise my final buy the infamous beauty blogger favourite; Muji Drawers! I have like many of you been eager to buy these for a long time, especially after buying some rubbish makeup storage this time last year. I needed something big enough to fit everything it, and something chic so thought the Muji Drawers were perfect! I bought 3 of the two drawer sets, a 9 compartment organiser and a pen pot for all my brushes.

Did you buy anything in the sales? Leave your links and I will check them out. What do you think of my buys?


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