Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub| Review| We have a winner

Breakfast Scrub ReviewBreakfast Scrub 2

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am forever on the search for the perfect scrub, be it face or body, and until recently for my search had been unsuccessful… until now! I was recently given a selection of Soap and Glory goodies to try and the multi award winning Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub was one of the products I received. To say I am in love with this product is a bit of an understatement, so before I start rambling here’s my review for you.

One of the standout factors of this product is the smell, it is very sweet smelling, it basically smells like a bottle of maple syrup. So if like me you have a massive sweet tooth, you are in for a treat… I love it so much I actually find myself wanting to nibble on it as it smells delicious! If you don’t have a sweet tooth the smell may be a little overpowering for you. Hopefully the fact that the product works will let you oversee this.

You can see from the pictures it is a very thick and creamy scrub. It is a proper sugar scrub jam packed full of tiny little particles that you can really work into your skin. I mostly enjoyed this scrub because the little particles are very resistant and do not break up when rubbing them into your skin, therefore you can give yourself a good scrub to reveal gorgeous smooth skin. Even though the scrub is quite abrasive  the Shea butter in it means that it still provides moistures. however it is not a scrub to use everyday, I would say use it twice a week.

I have used this scrub quite a few times, as has my mum but you can see from the picture that it barely looks touched. I think it will last me a good couple for months which means the £9.50 price tag is very reasonable!

Have you tried this scrub before? What do you think of the maple syrup smell? Are there any other body scrub you would recommend; which one’s are your favourite?


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