Christmas Day 2012| Santa was a very kind man


So this post is a little late, I know the majority of you got your Christmas Day Present posts up on Boxing day or soon after, but I have been a very busy bee and have only just had time to sit down and relax after travelling around the country for the past 11 days.

Like many I was unsure as to whether write this post, as there has been some mentions in the blogging community that it’s bragging or showing off, however I have had people asking me what I received for Christmas and I want to share with them what I did receive, as I am very grateful and thankful. So if you don’t like these posts then please stop reading now…

If you are still there, I will continue. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, seems it is so delayed! I love these posts, as I am very nosey and love to peek into people lives. To find out what a person receives for Christmas can give a real snapshot into their personality and their likes, as well as the personality, traditions and tastes of their family.


I received a lot of cosmetics and beauty products… I assume you did too! I received the Soap and Glory Gift Set along with the Sanctuary Gift Set…. both are some of my favourite brands, so I’m excited to start pampering and reviewing some of my favourite products for you. The Lady Million perfume by Pacco Rabanne is a new one for me, I have tried it in the shops and loved it and Matt kindly bought it for me. From my friends I received a caviar nail varnish set and the ELF Smokey Look Palette, both I image will be fun to try and review.


I received two bags, a clutch and a tote bag, both I adore… a girl can never have too many bags! I also received a new purse from my mum’s friends, which is gorgeous, and she must be a mind reader as I was desperate for one but forgot to ask Santa for one. The leopard print and snake skin bag at the front of the photo are my new makeup and toiletry bags. I didn’t previously have a toiletry bag and was scared of things leaking in my holdall when I go away at the weekends, so was desperate for a cute one. I also got the red leather gloves… very glam! And a cute new brolly… definitely needed here in the lakes where it rains 90% of the time!


I always receive some gorgeous books at Christmas despite having a Kindle. As much as I love my Kindle I still love to have a bookshelf full of beautiful books and the two I received are both fantastic in their own ways. My mum and Steve bought me the Diva Dogs book which is full of info on your dog and how to pamper it. It’s quite funny, but at the same time has some interesting facts in it. The Pippa Middleton book I was pleasantly surprised with. I’d heard bad things about her book, and yes some of her ingredients are a bit ridiculous, but I love it! I can’t wait to start planning dinner parties and being the perfect little hostess. There is also a lot of DIY and crafty bits in it, which are all very cute. The DVD was a great surprise as it was my favourite film when I was a little girl, so my mum tracked it down for me! On the top of the pile are my new diary and organiser/ notebook. I was desperate for a Filofax seems I’m a working girl now, and Matt excelled himself and not only got me the diary but also a thinner, sleek notebook so I can go to meetings now looking glam rather than scribbling notes down on a notepad.

photo (72)

And this is my new baby! As you will have seen in my New Years Resolution Post I mentioned I received a new camera for Christmas and here it is! Previously I had taken all my pictures either on my iPhone or on a compact camera, and although they were ok, when the pictures were blown up and uploaded to my blog the quality was not to my satisfaction. You can even see on this post the difference between the quality of pictures; all the previous pictures were taken on my new camera and the picture above was taken with my iPhone. I’m still getting to grips with it as I’m a complete novice but I’m excited to be able to do more close ups and be able to write more Face Of the Day posts, as this little baby really picks up all the little details, including my blemishes and fine lines unfortunately!

I also received Michael Buble tickets off Matt as my main present from him. I already knew about them as I ruined the surprise when the tickets were released and I tried to buy them myself, so Matt had to tell me then that he had already bought some for us. However he was a little cutie and wrapped up the confirmation in a giant box and filled it all with tissue and put it under the tree so I didn’t have clue what it was! I was rummaging around in what I thought was an empty box! So I have a wonderful weekend away in London in July to look forward to!

So that is my last Christmas post of the year… cue tears and sad face from me! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and managed to spend it with your loved ones and received some lovely gifts. Let me know what you received, I would love to know, feel free to share your link below.


  1. Cat0805

    I was very lucky 😀 I hope you got some lovely stuff too, thanks for following, I will be sure to read your blog. I may do a review later in the year after I've tried some of the recipes as it's a gorgeous book with some great photographs and tips in it. You'l have to keep your eye's pealed for the review 😀 xx


  2. Cat0805

    I know I was very lucky. As were you, you got some gorgeous things also, I bet you were over the moon with you Michael Kors watch. I got one for graduation and have not taken it off since 😀


  3. Fragile Bird

    Ooooh cool prezzies, looks like you had an awesome Christmas! Haooy new year!Please check out my blog if you have a chance, I’ve given it a bit of a revamp, I was clearly very bored over the Christmas hols!!


  4. jennicampbell85

    I think I'm the only blogger in blogsville not to have tried soap and glory! I clearly live under a rock!! I live by my Filofax! I use it for work though too but it's perfect for my job and I appear to have converted my entire office to them! They are more reasonably priced than people think. I have an A5 one though due to my large writing and the amount of appointments I have in one day! I was flicking through the Pippa Middleton book in Tesco the other day and it looked quite good – better than I expected to be honest! I didn't read it fully so I didn't look at the recipe ingredients in detail.Thanks for stopping by my blog!Jenni


  5. Cat0805

    No there is a couple of bloggers that haven't and some that even don't like it… strange people! I love my little Filofax and organizer, so cute :DI'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes out from here book, planning on doing a blog post on it :DThanks for your lovely comment 😀


  6. Harriet Phebes

    You have been very lucky this year with presents! I also wanted the 'Celebrate' by Pippa Middleton – jealous you got that too! Now your newest follower, we would love for you to follow us back :)


  7. Nia Sky

    Santa was a very very kind man I see. haha!Love your presents. I want to try soap and glory, everyone seems to like it so much. Your purple bag is gorgeous!Ahhh, the diva dogs book reminds me of my dog. haha! Can't wait for


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