How to get a flat stomach


As many of you will know I have been taking part in my Festive Flat Tum Challenge for the past month with an aim to tone up and get a flat tum for Christmas. You may be asking… why work out in the run up to Christmas, with all the parties and food… am I mad?! Well yes, it is proving to be difficult especially with the boxes of chocolates being brought into the office weekly, but I want to look fab for Christmas so the challenge is worth it!

So with an aim to get that flat tum I have been doing my favourite, most effective ab workouts daily, and I wanted to share with you my tips on how to gain a flat tum. I am in no ways a nutritionist or qualified personal trainer, these are purely tips I have learnt through my passion for fitness and health. So here goes!

Firstly to gain a perfect flat tum you firstly need to get rid of the fat hanging around your midriff. You can do as many crunches as you want but if you have fat around your middle this will always hide the muscles you are building underneath. So you need to combine both cardio and strength exercises. Ab exercise alone won’t get rid of belly fat!  Think of it this way; you use strength exercise to tone from the inside, and you use cardio to loose the inches on the outside that will allow you to show your sexy toned stomach! So make sure you are working up a sweat for 30 minutes 5 times a week, at least!

Next step is strength, I want to share with you the go to strength exercises that I recommend to tone that tum as quick as possible. Basically you should be doing exercises that use as many muscles as possible in one go and for this I recommend The Plank and Bicycle Crunches!


The Plank is the best move I can recommend as it works a tonne of muscles all at the same time! You don’t need any equipment, you can do it anywhere and it works you hard in relatively little time! The Plank works your muscles more effectively than traditional crunches! It has been scientifically proven to build endurance in your abs, back and arms, as well as stabilise the muscles. It is also the perfect move building up strength for those dreaded pushups! Here is some tips on how to perform The Plank;

  1. Lie face down on mat resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor.
  2. Push off the floor, raising up onto toes and resting on the elbows.
  3. Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels.
  4. Tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air or sagging in the middle.
  5. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, lower and repeat for 3-5 reps.


Bicycle Crunches are my next tip! These little painful beauties have been proven to be the most effective abs exercise! This move, like The Plank works a series of muscles all at the same time. They work the  rectus abdominals (the six pack area) and the obliques (the waist). The Bicycle Crunch works those side abdominal muscles like no other core exercise, so if you want that sexy waist get going girls! Here is some tips on how to perform Bicycle Crunches;

  1. Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, lightly supporting it with your fingers.
  2. Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck.
  3. Rotate to the left, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee as you straighten the other leg.
  4. Switch sides, bringing the left elbow towards the right knee.
  5. Continue alternating sides in a ‘pedalling’ motion for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps.

So there we go! To gain your flat tum you need to burn off the fat with cardio and perform effective core exercises such as these often. I do them daily, but try to at least do them 3 times a week.

What are your favourite ab moves? Do you have any other exercise your recommend to tone up that stomach in time for Christmas and New Year?


  1. Nadia xo

    thanks for this! i've lost about 12lbs recently but my belly seems like it's going nowhere 😦 gonna keep up with the cardio and do these exercises! bicycle crunches are my favourite – they kill!xox


  2. Ember Drake

    At the moment I'm using the Zumba Core game for the Wii to tone my stomach and it's really working quite well. But I will definitely be adding these two moves into my exercise routine going forward – thanks for the tips! :-)Emx


  3. Emma Louise

    I'm obsessed with getting abs now! The definition is starting to show, makes me so excited for crop tops. :PMy faves are planks with a knee twist. Killer move, and worms…I think they're called worms. Knees bent, shoulders just off the mat and trying to touch the inside ankle


  4. Cat0805

    Wow go you!! I would love to see some definition but going to have to lose a bit more fat first 😀 Ooo a modified plank! You really work hard… that worm move sounds difficult 😀


  5. mike i make

    I LOVE your blog…Great photos!Really enjoying:)FOLLOW YOU NOW! Please check mines If you want we can follow also with bloglovin, google+, twitter and facebook?Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!


  6. Deja

    I want to add some great exercises: squats, burpees and push ups 🙂 They don't target just abs, but you still have to engage them. I hate doing crunches to be honest, but I still manage to have baby six pack (soon real six pack :P).My record for planking is 3 minutes, now I'm at 50 seconds, cos I wasn't exercising for whole month after my surgery. Great post ! :)XX


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