Happy Birthday, Dear Blog| One Year Old


2888 friends and supporters, 1829 Comments, 365 days, 177 blog posts and 1 Blog Award final later my blog and I have arrived at our first ever birthday!

A year has passed since I started Outside Beauty Inside Health and I could not have foreseen how much it would change my life. This time last year I yearned for somewhere to express myself, so I sat and started typing on my first ever blog post, not knowing that it would soon become my full time hobby and passion. I was at first unsure about putting myself out there; there is something quite vulnerable about sharing your life on the internet, but deep down I knew I wanted to share my thoughts with the world. So thank god I had the courage to take the plunge, and a year ago I sat alone on a rainy November afternoon and wrote my first blog post.

I could not have imagined the incredible amount of support, love, community and readership it has gained! This year I have seen some of the kindest and most generous behaviour from a group of people who I have never met before, many who I now count as friends. I love to see how far my blog has grown and developed in the past year; I have been able to connect and collaborate with other talented bloggers and brands, been a finalist in the Cosmo blog Awards, and gained a job all because of the time, dedication and effort I put into my little corner of the internet.

However many opportunities I have gained, it will not replace the genuine love I now have for blogging. I enjoy every aspect of it; thinking of ideas and features, buying and trying new products, taking pictures and editing photos, tapping away at my keyboard and seeing my thoughts come together in a blog post, interacting with others on social media and reading others blogs.

Overall I love being able to inspire, entertain and encourage others with my ramblings. I can’t imagine my blogging life without all of you! You are all so wonderful and inspiring and I love interacting with you all. So thank you everyone for listening (well mostly reading) to my ramblings, thank you for your overwhelming support! I can’t wait for many more blogging years to come!

So to celebrate my one year blog birthday I wanted to share with you the favourite posts of both myself and my some of my loved ones.

You- Fitness Friday- A New Fitness Favourite– Many of you have commented how much you enjoy my Fitness Friday posts, and this post is the all time most popular on my blog. I love that these posts inspire you to try something new and hopefully to become more healthy!

Mum- Fitness Friday- Row Row Row Your Boat– Mum and I both had such a laugh trying this new fitness regime out. The pictures are pretty funny too! I’m looking forward to trying it again next spring.

Steve- Think Pink- Breast Cancer Awareness– This one is a favourite of many of my family members because of how important and personal it is to us all. I hope you took the time to read it!

Matt- Five Years– This is my boyfriend’s favourite post, probably because it is dedicated to him!

Mine- What A Week- Cosmo Blog Awards– This is my favourite post, short and sweet, but one of the highlights of my year. Every time I see it I remember how shocked and immensely happy I was to be a finalist in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. It’s when I finally accepted that my blog was more than a silly little hobby but something to be proud of and something to finally share with my family and friends, rather than keep a secret.

I would love to know what your favourite post of mine over the past year was? What is your favourite thing about blogging? How long have you been blogging for?


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