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Christmas list

It’s that time of year again lovelies! The Christmas decorations are going up, Christmas planning is beginning, the party dresses are in the shops, and your friends and family are forever asking “What do you want for Christmas?”

My answer always is a Channel bag, however I know that as much as I wish for it Santa will not be bringing me one this year. My dream list would be filled with designer bags, purses and shoes; Hermes, Channel, Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choos, but having already received some Loubuotins this year I think I’ve had my share of designer items, so for the interest of my lovely readers, friends and family I thought I would share with you what I’m wishing for this Christmas.

iPad – I would love the have a 3rd generation iPad, my laptop is fairly battered and I think reading blogs and watching my TV programmes would be so much better on an iPad. Plus it will be easier to transport than my laptop, and as I seem to spend a lot of my “free Time” travelling to see my boyfriend, friends and member of my family it’s kind of necessary.

Camera – My number one want and need! I currently use my compact camera or iPhone for the pictures on my blog, and I have noticed recently since the dark days and nights have been rolling in, that taking pictures is very difficult and the quality is not good! I would love a good quality camera, that is still compact, something like the Nikon One as I’m a novice and really think I won’t be very good with using different lenses etc.

Cute iPad case – Obviously if I get my iPad I need a cute leather case to keep it in!

Benefit cosmetics – There are so many beautiful benefit products that I would love to try that I just can’t justify buying for myself. My top picks are; They’re Real Mascara, POREfessional primer, Sun Beam Highlighter, Brown Zing, and How to Look The Best At Everything Kit.

Nail varnishes and nail art pens – My obsession with nail art continues! I am always happy to receive nail varnishes- OPI, Nails Inc, Essie, Topshop are my favourite and the first three are always bargains when found in TKMaxx.

Perfume – A need and a want! I have ran out of my favourite signature scent- Dolce and Gabbana The One, plus I would love some Pacco Rabbane Lady Million.

MAC Cosmetics – I have to be honest with you girls, I have never owned any Mac cosmetics… shock, horror! Yes I have used friends, however I never saw the appeal myself and have never indulged. But after only hearing great things about their products, I would love a MAC lipstick as their colour range is amazing!

Shoes – I have been a lucky girl for receiving amazing shoes this year; however my heel selection is out numbering my flats, and I desperately need some cute flats for everyday wear and work. (I’m a size 6)

Muju drawers – After buying a rubbish makeup case at the beginning of this year I am yet to replace it. My ideal solution would be the muju drawers as they are gorgeous and a bargain!

Rings – I love costume jewellery, and love beautiful and interesting rings, as I can wear them day and night.

Makeup bag and wash bag – I would love a new makeup and wash bag. The Marc Jacobs one is very cute! I love the glittery bow on it!

Filofax- As I am now a working girl I need a cute Filofax to write down all my appointments, meetings and top marketing ideas! I would love a leather Filofax in purple, red or hot pink.

Soap and Glory & Lush – Anything form Soap and Glory or Lush would make me happy. I love their products and there are many that I am yet to try.

Urban Decay Naked Palette Two – I have the first one and would love to try the second one, as feel I have exhausted all the colour combinations with the first one.

Real Techniques brushes – after receiving the Core Collection for my birthday I am a convert, and I would love to complete my collection with the Starter Kit, Blush Brush, Setting Brush and Powder Brush.

Ear muffs and Fur collar – I don’t often ask for clothes for Christmas as I quite fussy and sizing is always difficult. However ear muffs and a fur collar are easy to buy, and both are incredibly cute… perfect for keeping me warm when the snow comes!

So there is my (quite extensive) Wish List of what I would love to see in my stocking and under the tree this Christmas.

What are you wishing for this Christmas? Is there anything that is on my list that you also have your eye on? Also do you have any recommendations for a Camera


  1. Deja

    haha. Santa is gonna be happy when he sees this list :PPI don't own any Mac product either! 🙂 I am not alone, yay! :DWhat do I want for Christmas? a good camera would be nice 😀 and I would love to have a Kindle. :)X Deja


  2. Jayne Becca

    I am getting so excited about Christmas too, I just love this time of year and of course Christmas shopping! I would LOVE a Mulberry Del Rey bag for Christmas but I don't think I will be getting that! I agree with you in that I would love some more Real Techniques brushes – love them x


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