Daring to Detox

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I have previously written about the subject of detoxing, and shared my opinions on the wild and wacky “detox” programmes that exist. For those of you who don’t know; I believe that such crazy detoxes like the Lemonade Detox are firstly crazy and secondly no good for your body or health. I actually have personal experience of the Lemonade Detox, and the Soup Diet and it was not pleasant; think migraines, dizziness, tiredness and passing out! I believe detoxing should involve getting rid of all the crap in your body by not eating any crap! You should eat clean everyday, all day, and try to include as many “super Foods” as possible to help aid the detox process.

A few months ago I was contacted by My Vitamins; who are people after my own heart, as we share the same beliefs on detox programmes and health. They suggested that I followed their specially devised 7 Day Detox Plan and report on my results. They told me the plan was designed to purposely target the 4 key areas that need to be cleansed regularly; liver, kidneys, skin and colon, leaving me refreshed, more energetic and with improved skin, hair and nails.

At the time, I was about to go on holiday so a detox gave me the chance to loose a couple of pounds and inches before the bikini came out. My Vitamins delivered the vitamins shown in the picture and advised me to follow the meal plan above. I admit that I did not follow the diet plan completely, as some of the ingredients are hard to get in my little town, or were expensive, so I followed it as closely as possible. Along with following the meal plan and taking the supplements, each day I ran for 45 minutes. The results of such a regime were about a 6 pound weight loss, and a 2 inch loss on my waist. More importantly I had AMAZING hair and skin, glowing!

After a couple of weeks of being very relaxed on my diet and fitness regime I have since embarked upon a detox again. This time I have not been following the above meal plan but have still took the supplied vitamins, and been running for 45 minutes each day. I instead spent Sunday night making a big batch of vegetable soup, for my lunches and a batch of green smoothie, for my breakfasts. My dinners are the only solid meal I have, which is chicken and veg, served with any spices or any tomato based sauce you fancy. Even though I have only been following this eating plan for 5 days I already feel a millions time better, my stomach looks flatter and my face looks less bloated.

The vitamins and supplements that were provided to me are described below.

  • Ginseng- A natural stimulant, as opposed to caffeine. Improves circulation and oxygen absorption.

  • Acai Berries- A supplement to help your PH balance and an aid fat loss. Widely regarded as one of the worlds leading Super Foods. A favourite with many stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

  • Super Dophilus- Packed full of friendly bacteria. Great for digestion, it encourages the absorption of other nutrients within your diet

  • Vitamin C- The best anti oxidant, and when mixed with L Carnitine, it posses a synergistic fat loss property by increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria to burn fat.

About My Vitamins themselves, I was hugely impressed. The rep from the company was lovely, extremely helpful and informative, and with his help I was given the vitamins and supplements most suited to my needs. My Vitamins aim to provide the same service to everyone. All their products are separated into categories based upon your goals such as “Detox and anti-aging” “Weight loss” and “Health and Wellbeing”. The vitamins are stored in resealable pouches, are reasonable priced and delivered to your door for free.

You can find visit the website here, and if anyone would like a copy of the Detox plan plus all the extra information then comment below and I can email you it.

What do you think of detox plans? Have you followed any and what were your results? What plan did you follow?


  1. Deja

    I just had one detox day, drinking only water and water with cayenne pepper and lemon. I felt so much better the next day. Never done any kind of detox you did. I think I should:)Thanks for this lovely post, Cat.X DejaDeja Zu


  2. Cat0805

    That's the lemonade/ maple syrup diet. Beyonce did it to lose weight for the Dream Girls film. You are meant to do it for 10 of 20 days I tried for 10 days, only lasted 5. It was a horrendous experience not eating for that long! xx


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