Think Pink| Breast Cancer Awareness


As many of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am an advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness month, as it helps raise money for charities close to my heart. However I worry that the real, more significant aim of this campaign is sometimes forgotten. How many of you actually see the advertisements and think ‘Oh I should really check my breasts when I get home’. Breast Cancer Awareness is much more than buying pretty pink products, you can do that all year round. Breast Cancer Awareness month is making sure you take the time to be aware of your own breasts.

I decided to do this post as there are many popping up on people’s blogs at the moment, and even though they are meant with the best intentions  many do not ask you to take action. So I am asking you. I ask you to check your breast now; only if you are reading this in the private of your own home, I think checking them on the train to work would be a little inappropriate. But please remember my plea and do it when you get home.

I have seen and lived with the effects that the fight against Breast Cancer causes. As many of you know, my Mum fought it two years ago and my Grandma is currently fighting it. Both of them are the bravest and strongest women I know. My Mothers strength (and stubbornness) helped her fight and beat Cancer, and I know this same strength will help my Grandma win her battle. Thankfully I think strength and stubbornness is a family trait that although can have its downsides, helps the women in my family kick cancers arse!

I am not being a hypocrite I myself regularly check my breasts, I admit before my mother had breast cancer I didn’t do it regularly, but when it happens to your family it soon shocks you into it. I am also going to visit my GP soon and advise them of the history of Breast Cancer in my family, so I can be checked regularly. Regular self checking, and regular mammograms are vital, a routine mammogram is how my grandma found her lump.

Below is an illustration of what to look for when checking your breasts. There is no right or wrong way to check them just make sure you do it. If you find anything irregular go to your GP right away. For more information click here.


Anyways enough of the lecturing, onto a more positive side to Breast Cancer Awareness month, and charity fundraising. Recently my mother got married and on the Friday before the wedding my Grandma was very brave and had her head shave by my mum in front of 100 guests. No one knew about it so it was a huge shock to everyone. However her bravery helped raised £400 for Cancer Care, the local charity that supported my Mum and will support my Grandma with her fight against cancer.

I hope this post inspires you to be aware of your own breasts, and I dedicate this post to my beautiful, strong and inspiring Mum and Grandma.


  1. Cat0805

    Thanks darling, didn't know whether to post it, as didn't know how people would react, as it's not your normal blog post, but thought if it helps one girl was worth it. Thanks so much for your comment 😀 xxx


  2. Jayne Becca

    I know I a post recently about products you can purchase where they donate money for the cause but it is vital that you check yourself too! Regular self checking is important as early detection is key. Lovely post & I my best wishes for your Grandma to beat it 🙂 xx


  3. Cat0805

    I'm not having a go at anyone, please don't take offence. I just wanted to take a different angle. Any post that publicizes charity awareness is amazing! Thanks so much lovely 😀 xx


  4. Amy

    Your mum and grandma are an inspiration, and I wish your grandma all the best for recovering. It's quite a distressing thought that so many people are hit with cancer and checking is something not many people do because of the whole "it probably won't happen" scenario. Lovely post, and hope your mum enjoyed her wedding day! xx


  5. Cat0805

    Thank you so much for your kind words, it will mean a lot to them both. This is exaclty why I wanted to write this, even if it helps one girl change her attitude it has done its job. We had a great day at the wedding thanks 😀 xx


  6. Katie

    I'm only in my mid twenties but I always check my boobies, you just never know! My mum recently went for a mammogram as she had just turned 50. It wasn't the nicest experience and luckily she got the all clear, but I'd rather have my boobs shoved and pushed for a few minutes just to make sure.I hope your grandma makes a full recovery!xo


  7. MakeUp Guinea Pig

    Thanks so much for this post! People really do forget how important self exams are. I know since I found a lump almost by accident when I was 27. All is well now though and I'm glad you Mom is doing well and I'm sure we all have nothing but the best wishes for your Grandma!


  8. Cat0805

    Your welcome darling, I'm just happy I can share what is really important with people. I'm glad you are well, but it's good that you noticed your lump, many don't. Thanks for your best wishes xx


  9. Sherry Williams

    Wow, this makes me want to cry because I have had this small lump in my armpit for a while now and lately my breast have been hurting me a lot, more then usual. I have read that breast cancer signs don't hurt, but I guess I haven't really looked into it. Last week the lump in my armpit swelled up, it's like the size of two peas and it's under the skin, my boyfriend said it was probably a lymph node just swelling. But this week it's my breast hurting me more and more, I haven't got it checked… maybe I should. Thanks for this post btw.Sherry


  10. Cat0805

    You should definitely get it checkout out darling, it is a lot better for you to have an appointment and it be nothing than for you to not get checked and if there is a problem making yourself more ill. I hope you take my advice, and am glad my post has helped you 😀


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