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Just a little update for you all. I have been quite busy recently, with work but also as my mother’s wedding is next weekend there has been a lot of preparation for that, so I actually feel like I don’t have a lot of free time; which is a lie, as I still get up to plenty. So I will run you through the above pictures, as I seem to be documenting my life through Instagram at the moment, but I suppose that’s an obsession all us bloggers have. As much as my family tire of me taking pictures of even the least significant parts of my day, they enjoy the finished product; the blog posts, so they can’t complain too much.

  • Flowers For A Friend- My best friend is going through a messy divorce at the moment, but we celebrated her becoming a ‘Miss’ again the other day. It’s great for her to be back to the name that was of the girl that I befriended 20 years ago, the name of the independent, fun and flirty girl she used to, and will be again in time.

  • Blogging Goodies- Monu contacted me a few weeks ago and offered me some goodies to try, I was completely over the moon with this opportunity, and am happily testing them at the moment, so a review will come in time.

  • Glitter Galore- Being a desk working girl now, my obsession with nail art continues. This week was my first attempt at glitter dipper nails.

  • Product Testing Central- This was me using the Soap and glory Detox mask for the first time, the review for which is below.

  • Cake Pops– We have had a busy week in our house making 100 pop cakes. We are yet to ice and decorate them, but I can say that the inners are so yummy!

  • Train Travels- I have been travelling around for the past few weeks, very often to Newcastle to see my boy, but other ‘exciting’ places including Carlisle and Lancaster, to visit friends and family.

  • Newcastle City Games- I was lucky enough to be in Newcastle for the Great North Run weekend, which meant I got to watch the City Games on Quayside and saw legends like Mo Farrah and Greg Rutherford!

  • The Great North Run- I spend an hour in the rain cheering on the 55,000 runners, in which were a few of my friends who all did fantastic! It has even inspired me, to perhaps enter next year… if I’m lucky enough to get a place.

  • Pretty in Pink- Another Nail of the Day.

  • Massive Milestone- I surpassed 400 followers on my blog this week! It really surprised me as I think I gained 15 followers in a day. But as always I want to thank you all; new and old for reading, commenting and sharing my blog. It is my passion and I enjoy it so much, but to know that others read and enjoy what I have to say makes it so much more fun.

  • Fun with fruit- My boy gave me a choice of a sausage butty or a bowl of fruit for my breakfast last weekend, and low and behold I chose the fruit! I even shocked myself, I think my fitness kick is finally starting to change my attitude towards food, which is a great thing!

  • Christmas comfies- Last night (and right now) I have been rocking my Christmas pyjama bottoms, because it is just so damn cold! What happened to out Indian summer!

What’s been going on in your life recently? Am I the only one rocking my Christmas Pyjamas far too early? Please say I’m not!


  1. Jannie

    Beautiful Instagram pictures. I love how they're vivid and full of life. I especially love the Olympics shots and the one with the flowers as well as the Christmas PJs. Hehe… I'm sure there are others rocking the Christmas PJs this early too. Time will fly quickly, then Christmas will be around. :)Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment. I was pleasantly surprised mixing a mauve lipstick with black lipgloss turned out to be a lovely deep berry color. :)Hope your day is going well. Take care and have a great weekend. 🙂


  2. Cat0805

    Im the same, makes me miss it loads, one of the best views 😀 oh really I'm originally from Carlisle, lived their till I was 12. I have family there so visit quite often, it's not the most exciting place but there are worse areas 😀 thanks for the congrats xx


  3. ellie B

    Lovely pictures there… the best, staple sort of lifestyle blogger post for sure! That bit about your best friend is so cute… I hope she's OK and back to her former self really soon.e x


  4. Personal Style

    Hello beautiful just met your blog. It's great I like is very stylish and you're really pretty. You have a new follower 🙂 I invite you to know my blog. I hope your visit PersonalStyle;) A big


  5. Liz

    I recently bought some christmas pj's from primark so you're defiantly not the only one rocking them at the moment haha.Congrats on the 400 followers :)xx


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