NOTD| How to remove glitter nail varnish


As many of you will have seen I recently fell in love with a Nails Inc glitter nail polish. I did not waste any-time in applying many layers to all my nails and giving myself some super sparkly nails. However I felt they were a little too sparkly for a week full of meetings at work, so wanted to remove it. I started to remove it as I normally would, with a cotton pad and nail varnish remover, however found that this was not budging the glitter in the slightest, rather the cotton just stuck to the glitter. So after much difficulty I Googled a technique for easy removal and found an article which helped me, so I though I would share it to help you also.

How to remove glitter nail varnish.

For this you will need – Nail Varnish remover, Tin foil, Cotton balls/pads.

This technique saves you probably about 30 minutes, millions of cotton pads and gallons of polish remover; Just follow the simple steps below.

  • Firstly you soak the cotton pads/balls in nail varnish remover… and I mean soak! You then apply this to your nail.

  • Secondly rip the tinfoil into strips then wrap this tinfoil tightly around the nail with the cotton pad between the nail and the foil. Proceed to do all your fingers. Your hands should end up looking like a cross between Freddie Kruger and a robot.

  • Now sit back a grab a magazine, chill and let them soak for 10 minutes.

  • To remove, apply a little pressure to the nail and twist the cotton and foil from side to side, a couple of twists should do the trick. When you remove the foil, your glitter varnish should have vanished.

  • Make sure you give your hands some love and care after this, as the nail varnish remover can make them a little sensitive, after soaking them.

    So there you have it a simple, stress free to remove your beautiful, if not persistent glitter nail varnish. I hope this helps you as it did me.

Have you tried this technique before? Or do you have another little trick?

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  1. Vanz

    This post helps me out so much lovely. 😀 I absolutely love my Models Own – Disco Mix but it's such a nightmare getting it off. Next time I try to take it off I'll definitely stick to these tips. 🙂 I've voted for you lovely!Vanese


  2. jaanika

    like u.. i was wearing a super sparkly nail polish and when it was time to remove it-nothing happend, i rubbed and rubbed and nothing. my nails had like a little furry hats on:)then i remembered that i saw your post enty and i immetatly looked it up and now am sitting here and waiting the results..and girl u where right! it comes off perfectly!:))Thank you for the tip!!:))


  3. Katie

    You absolute God send! I always get put off glitter nail polishes because it usually takes about half a bottle of nail polish remover just to get it off, even though it looks so pretty when it's on!Definitely giving this a try when I wear it next.xohttp:/


  4. Amberlynn

    Oh my gosh I love this ! I rarely ever use glitter nail polish anymore, simply because it's SO FRUSTRATING to remove ! This is a great idea, I'll deff have to try it ! Great blog by the way, have a great day and check out my blog when you get a chance !


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