Row Row Row Your Boat

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Carrying on with my fitness phase, this week my mother decided to mix it up a bit and go canoeing. I have done pretty well this week with my workouts and even managed to run up the hill I shared with you in last weeks Fitness Friday- Here. I was all ready to go for another run on Thursday evening, however as it was so warm here, my mother had decided that it was too hot to go for a run with the dogs, so a canoeing session would be more ideal.

I was excited to try this sport, and a little anxious, as I have only ever done it once before and I was 11 years old, so I was definitely out of practice. Thankfully while I was in Finland in June I had gone White Water Rafting twice, so had some practice with staying on a boat and controlling an oar. However I did not realise how sensitive your actions would be when in a smaller boat, to say mum and I had some difficulties when first starting was a bit of an understatement. We actually spent a good 10 minute rowing round in circles, shouting at each other and gaining some funny looks from passers-by. We mostly struggled with matching the strength of our rows, as I would always pull harder than my mum, but my mum would row quicker. At times we managed to get a rhythm going but we spent a good hour and a half on Lake Windermere zig-zagging across the lake. We did make the whole exercise a lot harder seems we had the boat back to front, so instead of draining water we collected it. It was a great evening, as it was so peaceful on the lake and a great way to see a sunset, we also caught sight of an otter than decided to follow us and play around behind us, which was rather cute.

I enjoyed my canoeing workout and would definitely do it again, and recommend it to others, especially with a friend. It was hard work at times, but mostly a great laugh and loads of fun. Its actually a great workout for the areas I need to target for my bridesmaid dress; arms, chest and back, and also hits your oblique (your waist muscles). For the 1 hour and 15 minutes I actually canoed for, it is estimated that I burnt around 150 calories. So itโ€™s not as a big calorie cruncher as running, but it is perfect for toning. I now aim to do this once a week as a toning exercise, as I it worked my arms hard and was a great laugh. I always think its so much easier to work out if you are having fun, and if you have a variety of workouts. It also helps with your weight loss as your body is kept on its toes and doesnโ€™t get used to just one single workout.

Have any of you ever tried canoeing, or other water sports? Or have you tried any new sports recently?


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