A new fitness favourite | Cani-X

South Lakeland-20120801-01015-tileIMG-20120801-01011-tile_44459445_canix300-horz

Well I don’t now about you, but I have well and truly been swept away by the Olympic spirit. I love seeing the country come together to share moments of joy; the athletes pushing themselves far and beyond their limits for glory; and learning more about sports I’d never paid any interest to previously. I really do hope that these games inspire a generation. If not a generation, at least they have inspired me.

My little fitness or health kick has came from finally finishing university, so having no excuse of a crap diet and late nights spent in the library for my unfitness, and from the fact I went for my bridesmaid dress fitting and my dress did not fit! Argh! Well the zip reached, but we didn’t force it as did not want to pull the chiffon. So I need to get fit and thinner, and what better time than when the nation is enthralled in sport.

What is Cani-X?

So my mother decided that she would introduce me to her new favourite hobby Cani-X, which is basically running with your favourite furry friend. You have a special lead which you strap around your waist, the lead then has your dog attached on a sort of bungee rope. It’s great really as both you and your dog get an extra hard work out, as you both work together and at times end up pulling each other along. I know my dog Archie, pulls me up the hills.

I used to run quite often when I was younger and loved it, there is no better feeling than a runners high. However after not running for a long time, and being un-fit my first run was pretty hard! It was extra hard for me as I’m a road runner, so fell running was a completely different experience. Yes it is easier on your joints as you are on grass most of the time, but your joints are the only thing its easier on! You work what seems like every other muscle while you try and keep yourself level when running across uneven ground in fields, and running up hills! Oh the hills! I don’t bare well on them at the moment.

However I am loving it! It makes running so much more fun because you are with your dog, and also the views from the top of the fell are amazing, as you can see above. The pictures above show my mum and I with our running partners George and Archie; the hill I aim to run too and from in a couple of weeks (it doesn’t look too steep in the picture, but it is); and me feeling great after my run. I also added a few pictures from Google showing you how its done properly.

I’ve added a link to a Cani-X website if anyone wanted extra information- Cani-Cross.co.uk

Has anyone else been inspired to try a new sport after watching the Olympics? Or have you ever tried Cani-X?


  1. ButterflyBoo

    I really want a dog just to do this haha! I've been meaning to get back into running this summer but it just hasn't happened, but it looks like so much more fun with a furry creature attatched!Love, Elizabeth xxhttp://butterflyboo.blogspot.co.uk/


  2. Cat0805

    Yeah my dog runs for sheep every now and again and I end up being dragged very suddenly in the opposite direction. but it is loads of fun and I would definitely recommend it. xx


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