Graduation OOTD and FOTD


Dress- Next // Bag- Ebay // Shoes-Christian Louboutin

I thought I would share a picture of my outfit from graduation day, seems it took for what seems like months to find a dress I was happy with. I don’t know about you, but as it was such a big day, and a day I knew would be remembered in pictures for the rest of my life I actually felt some pressure to make sure I had an outfit that was obviously stylish, but also timeless, formal and ladylike. I wanted a dress that was of colour, as opposed to just black, as I wanted it to pop from beneath my graduation gown, but I didn’t want anything too bright. I decided upon a cream colour, but then this white one from from Next was the winner for me, out all the dresses I tired on. It had built in underdress, so smoothed out any lumps and bumps, and was a perfect length for me. Looking back at it know, I think it makes me look a little top heavy, but that something I often suffer from due to my body shape.

For my shoes I originally planned to wear a bright blue pair from New Look, but once I received my gift from my Mum and her partner I was obviously going to wear the Louboutins. I am totally in love with them, and am ever so grateful. I think they go great with the outfit as they make it more fun than if they shoes were a more conservative nude or black pair.

I chose a brown bag as knew it was going to be difficult to find a bag to perfectly match the colour of my originally planned shoes. In hindsight I recommend to anyone who is graduating , wear a clutch bag as opposed to a shoulder bag, as it was difficult to wear it over my robe when wandering around, and ended up giving it to my boyfriend to carry.

What did you wear for your graduation day? Something formal or something fun?


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