Mum and Me and the Deep Sea (Clay Mask)


These new Montagne Jeaunesse masks are said to be new and ground-breaking due to the specially sourced clays and natural bamboo fabric used. The biggest selling poitn being that they deliver the traditional deep cleaning experienced with clay mask,but you don’t have the mess.The masks are available to buy for £1.49 both online Here, from Boots (mid-August) and from Asda (September). These masks, as with all their products are vegetarian-approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben-free. It is one of the things that I admire about the company, that they have an ethos for (in the own words) ‘The Conservation of Energy, Protection of animals and the Environment.’

Now on to the fun bit, the review! I am going to review the Glacial Clay Spa, and my mum is going to review the Dead Sea Mud Spa.

Me- Glacial Clay Spa

Montagne Jeunesse claim that this mask rehydrates, clears pores and removes impurities. The skin will be soothed, protected and healed.

I didn’t really know what to expect with the mask, but it wasn’t these funny looking gimp masks that’s for sure. I think my mum and I ended up channelling Hannibal Lector in a few of these shots. But I suppose the mask isn’t designed to look good,but instead do good; which is what it did. I’m not completely sold on the fabric mask, as love to pile clay masked onto my skin and wait for them to dry and crack, but I can see the benefits, as cleaning it off was a breeze. I literally splashed my face with water a couple of times and it was clean. My skin was left incredibly soft and smooth, and my  pores looked cleaner and smaller. Overall it did as it claimed the product would.

Mum- Dead Sea Mud Spa

Montagne Jeunesse claim that this mask invigorates, deep cleans and draws out impurities, while unblocking pores and nourishing the skin. It leaves skin nourished, moisturised and looking youthful.

Cat asked me to try one of these masks so I picked the Dead Sea Mud one as its supposed to leave skin nourished, moisturised and youthful. I was looking forward to the youthful bit! The fabric style was easier to put on and to take off, not as much mess as the usual mud/clay masks you smear all aver the place but its obviously one size fits all and I found mine was rather on the large size for my face and took some manoeuvring to get it to fit properly. Apart from this it did leave my skin clean and fresh and beautifully soft and pores were clearer and less visible. Must say, pleasantly surprised and pleased with this product.

What do you think of the Montagne Jeunesse products? Have you tired this one?


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