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So as you may know, seems I don’t actually stop going on about it… I have a new job! Yes I am one of the lucky graduates that has managed to swindle herself a job. With my new job being office based I now am able to give a crap about my appearance… previously working in hospitality hindered my addiction to beauty products, as I was unable to wear lots of makeup or god forbid have painted nails!

As there exists no limits to my beauty regime, I am now completely addicted to nail varnish again! I have even attempted nail art for the first time, just to celebrate my new pretty nails. the inspiration came from Googling nail art, and after browsing some pictures, I picked an idea that I reckoned I could attempt with my limited resources.

My limited resources consisted of multiple colours of nail varnishes and Kirby grips. I am yet to buy nail art pens, but had read on someone’s blog that a similar effect can be done by dipping Kirby grips into nail varnish; and that’s what I did.

To achieve this look I chose OPI Tickle My France-y as the base colour and applied two coats of this. To created the flowers I picked OPI Strawberry Margarita and simply dotted this in a round shape 5 times, then used OPI Alpine Snow for the centre of the flower, which I dotted in once. I then reversed the bright pink and white shade to create other flowers.

The final result is not the cleanest, some flowers are better than others, but I think for a first attempt I did well. Especially considering this look was created by using only one Kirby grip.

Has anyone else tried this technique at nail art? What tools would you recommend for a beginner?


  1. Elcie

    I also love kirby grips for dotting! I am so bad at nail art I can't even use sellotape! I end up with it stuck all over but my sister swears by it. She recommended base coat colour, let it dry, put a piece of sellotape diagonally over half your nail and paint with a contrast colour. Her nails always look perfect so she must know something! P.s Bodycare do nail art pens!


  2. Sam

    Aw they look so sweet! The colours go amazing and such a good result for a first attempt. Congrats on the new job too 🙂 knockoutcouture.blogspot.com


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