Congratulations to me


Yes the blog title is a little big headed, but its not everyday that you gain a 2:1 degree, and yesterday was that day. Although I haven’t actually had my graduation, knowing what I am going to be graduating with is such a great feeling. I had been waiting for the result of my dissertation for about two weeks; the last result I needed, and received it yesterday, so was able to figure out my degree class. I had hoped that I would receive a first in my dissertation, and I was so close, but it wasn’t to be. But like everyone keeps saying a 2:1 is still an acceptable mark to gain.

When I finished work today I came home to a Pandora bag from my Mum and her partner, and every girl gets excited when you see a Pandora bag! I opened the parcel and was over the moon to receive this gorgeous charm for my bracelet. I love the little mortar board and think its the perfect present for my graduation, and great addition to my bracelet. I am getting more and more excited for my Graduation ceremony with each day. I have my dress, but still need to get some shoes and figure out my accessories, but I think the dress is the biggest task, so atleast I have that sorted.

From my previous post you will know that I started my new job yesterday, and although I’ve only finished my second day, I am really enjoying it, I have loads and loads to do, and it’s going to be a big challenge, but I ready to tackle it head on. Although I never realised how tiring working 9 to 5 can be, I come home very tired and ready for my bed!

I hope my followers who have received their results gained the grade they wanted, let me know!


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