Fitspiration not Thinspiration


Just a quick Fitness Friday post for you girls; motivation for both you and I. I am a big advocator of being fit not thin, and much prefer to see girls aiming for health not starvation, hence the  name of my blog.

I use images such as those above to keep my motivation up. Pictures of girls working out, healthy fruit and salads, and motivational sayings really help, especially on days such as today when the last thing you want to do is go out for a run, or go to gym; much rather snuggle up on the couch with a cup of tea.

One of the most inspirational sayings for me is; ‘Forget about getting skinny, Eat well and exercise, and the weight will take care of itself.’ This couldn’t be anymore true. Far too often we worry about losing weight quickly and seeing results immediately, when this is not where our focus should be. Its about making small healthier choices everyday, and over time our results will come.

Always make atleast one healthy choice a day, don’t let a bad start determine a bad finish to the day. Today my choices are to walk my dog for 45 minutes twice today (despite the rain) and to have a healthy salad for my dinner.

What are your healthy choices today? Are you going to work out? Or have a healthy lunch and dinner? Or resist that afternoon treat of a drink or cake? Let me know!


  1. Charlie

    Great post I completley agree about being fit not thin. today ive just had weetabix and banana for breakie and got a turkey salad for lunch 🙂 its the office feeders that are the problem at my work theres always someone bringing in cake and sweets so hard to stay strong sometimes!x


  2. Victoria

    Love love love posts like these. I starting my get fit for summer regime tomorrow. I'm so with you on this one sister, its about fitness not getting crazy thin. I think it really needs to be preached more. So many young girls are influenced by the media today and feel the need to be stick thin and it needs to change. I love posts like this, it really gives me inspiration and I have a passion for changing the media influence. xo


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