Fashion over Food| Haul


I’ve actually had this post lined up for a while, as these are the clothes which I purchased for my holiday, so I bought them about three weeks ago. I literally got paid and then went straight into Newcastle city centre and spend half of my wage in about two hours…whoops! It felt amazing at the time… huge feeling of retail theropy, but within the next few days after bills started to come in I did regret it a little bit. But like I said to my boyfriend, I can’t go on holiday naked…I needed new clothes!
As I went on holiday to Finland and Lapland, I found shopping for holiday clothes more difficult than usual, and a little bit more boring, as some of the clothes were for activities such a hiking and rafting, not pretty bikinis for posing by the pool.. my normal holiday attire.
The three tank tops, hoodie and shorts that I bought were worn for hiking, so they were more practical buys than fashionable, but I still wanted to look a little bit cute. The bras were completely necessary! I swear these Wonderbras are the best bra you will ever buy. They are strapless but completely supportive, comfortable and give an amazing cleavage.
The more interesting buys were the denim dress, which is from H&M, it cost me about £20, so was cheap and can be worn with anything, dressed up and down. The pink dress was from River Island and was £25, it is quite low cut so I kept it for nights out in Helsinki, as its a bit more dressy, but you could dress it down with a cardigan and flats. The striped dress was from H&M again and is great for just throwing on with a cardigan, very comfortable and easy to style. Finally the white shirt was from Primark and was about £10, I actually wore it as a cardigan over the top of casual dresses, which made the outfit look more dressed up.
Overall I am impressed with the Spring and Summer collections in store at the moment. I was especially surprised at Primark, as normally I walk out of there empty handed.
Which stores are you loving at the moment? Have you bought you holiday clothes yet?


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