Sexy sandals from Stylist Pick


Hello ladies, I am back from my travels, and straight back to blogging. I had the most amazing time while I was away, and did so many wonderful things, but I will dedicated a post to my trip later. I firstly want to share with you my sexy new sandals from Stylist Pick. As followers of my blog will know I love Stylist Pick! Not only their products but the service they deliver, it is truly top notch, and I am all about high quality customer service.

Stylist Pick is a monthly subscription service of £39.95 (if I remember correctly), for which you receive a new pair of shoes of your choice each month. No girl can complain about getting new shoes each month! I ordered two pairs this month, as I didn’t buy any last month. I ordered them on the 1st of the month and they came right after the bank holiday… super quick!

I decided on a pair of wedges, as I currently don’t own a pair, and know they are a style staple every summer, so decided on a silver colour so I could wear them with pretty much anything. I haven’t worn them out the house yet, but from wandering around my house they are comfortable so far.

The flats I fell in love with. I love sandals and adore the bright colour jewels on the front of these, I think it makes them really stand out and makes them something special. These I took on my travels, and wore them a lot! They go with many different outfits due to the colour range on the sandal, and are comfortable. I admit you can’t trek for miles in them, but for lazy wanders around cities and the beach they are perfect.

I am going to spend the rest of my day packing up my house ready to move home, and catching up on blogs.

Which pair are your favourite? Have any of you bought anything from Stylist Pick? What do you think of these subscription services?


  1. Gemma Satire

    You lucky thing getting sent two sandals this month! I need sandals desperately before I go my holiday this year so this may be a good place to start! Love the harbour island ones because you can wear them both in the daytime and for night time glam! And silver is a pretty versatile colour. Lovely blog!Gemma


  2. Hannah

    I have a Stylist Pick account but have yet to order from them – it's great to know that they deliver good service! They look like they're decent quality, too – love the jewelled pair!


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