Snow-go| A Lush Bath Ballistic Review


Another week, another Lush bath product. It really is becoming a habit, quite strange considering I’m not normally a bath person; must be all the free time I now have. This again is from a Christmas gift box I was given, so again may be past its best. Anyways this product is a bath bomb, my favourite bath product.
The bath bomb is called ‘So White Bath Ballistic’, so it essentially fizzes around the bath after your drop it in, creating the lovely oily sheen seen in the pictures. The information given about the So White Bath Ballistic is quite limited, stating that it is apple scented, and gives a white froth. I will now go through my opinion on the good and the bad of this product.

Lovely smell, it does have essences of apple, but its not overpowering. The smell was relaxing but luxurious and fresh; quite a combination.
Animal friendly’; obviously! Always a plus.
Lasted a long time, unlike the bubble bar the froth lasted for almost an hour.
Left a gorgeous, soft sheen on my skin; lovely and soft.
I found this bath bomb to be quite boring; the colour is nothing special and the fizz wasn’t very powerful.

Overall- 3/5- I know the only downside is that the bath bomb wasn’t exciting, quite a trivial disadvantage; however I love seeing bath bombs going crazy round the bath, releasing lovely colour; this one did not. I would not purchase this particular bath bomb again, as to me it was  nothing special.


  1. Anthea Lau

    Aww haha I had this bath bomb from lush before, it was really funny watching it sizzling in the bath tub xoxowould you like to follow each other?Axx


  2. Megs

    Lush is so sweet! There's nothing better than ending a stressful day with a bath bomb! I will be trying this one out! I can always go for a new one! Lovely post! xo, Megs


  3. Tanesha-Marie

    I love the Lush products and have tried quite a few bath bombs and your right the ones that have more colour or flowers etc in are lovely to watch-great post.Tanesha


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